Has Government Taken Over for the Family? Let’s Make this “Easy”

The blame for this act of submission to the government doesn’t lie with any one population segment; we are all to blame.

Many, myself included, have lamented the role that government now plays in the home. Invading families through a variety of channels, we’ve found ourselves with a watchful “Big Brother” and it’s hard to pinpoint exactly when he entered our homes. It would be easy to say the invasion was hostile and families themselves played no part in allowing government into nearly every … [Read more...]

Taxes and Education: The Decision-Maker’s Perspective

I am a native Nevadan and I was publicly educated here. In fact, my father took time away from his gaming career to teach and my daughter and daughter-in-law are Nevada teachers now. I appreciate the vital role teachers and education have in our society. However, the fact is that the cost of a public education is accelerating at a rate which is exceeding our state’s economic … [Read more...]

George Moore:Quick Jet Charter

Meet George Moore, Owner and CEO of Quick Jet Charter

Founder and CEO Quick Jet Charter http://quickjetcharter.com/ How did you first get into your profession? I attended the U.S. Air Force Academy. When I graduated, I completed Pilot training in the Air Force. I then moved up the ranks to Captain and Aircraft Commander of the KC-135 Stratotanker where I decided to attend Spears School of Business at Oklahoma State … [Read more...]

Michael Dermody: Dermody Properties

Meet Michael Dermody, Chairman and CEO of Dermody Properties.

Chairman and CEO Dermody Properties http://www.dermody.com/ What is your pet peeve? My pet peeve in business is not taking notes in a business meeting. My personal pet peeve is using a text to respond to something that should be talked about face to face. Communication is the key to everything we do in our lives and the more direct that is, the better the outcome. What … [Read more...]

Businesses Needed for Scholarship Program: At No Net Cost to Firms, Donations will Improve the Lives of Students

Despite the spin from some, Nevada business people care deeply about education in Nevada and routinely donate millions towards K-12 and higher education. Unfortunately, politicians also routinely force “contributions” by raising taxes, including the largest tax hike in Nevada history during the last legislative session. For decades, business owners and employees have paid … [Read more...]

Office Summary: Second Quarter 2015

Southern Nevada Las Vegas Valley spec office vacancy rates during Q2, 2015 ranged from 16.3 percent for Class C space to 32.1 percent for Class A. The overall vacancy rate was 21.6 percent, a decline from 21.7 percent recorded in Q1, 2015. Compared to Q2, 2014, the vacancy rate is down 1.1 points from 22.7 percent. Q2’s decline in vacancy rate makes 6 quarters with an … [Read more...]

Business Indicators: September 2015

Business Indicators: September 2015. Includes status of U.S. Nevada, Las Vegas, and Reno economies.

The preliminary estimate for U.S. real gross domestic product (GDP) in the second quarter of 2015 indicates an annualized rate increase of 2.3 percent. Recent Bureau of Economic Analysis revisions state that real GDP increased by 0.6 percent in the first quarter of 2014, higher than the negative 0.2 percent growth in the third estimate. Higher real GDP growth in the first … [Read more...]

If you could live in a television show, what show would it be?

Six Nevada executives share what television show they would live in if they could.

“I’d like to live in ‘West Wing’ or ‘House of Cards’, although I may need to rethink the latter because a lot of people die unexpectedly…” Katie Ryan | Director, Communications and Public Policy, Dignity Health-St. Rose Dominican “‘Dr. Who’ – Not because I’m a sci-fi fan, but who wouldn’t want to travel into the future and back into the past, and maybe have some impact along … [Read more...]

Who is Ben Carson? Is This Guy a Real Deal?

You know who Hillary Clinton is and most of us know something about many of the Republican nominees running for President. But, do you Ben Carson?

Everyone knows who Hillary Clinton is and most of us know something about many of the Republican nominees running for President. But, do you know who Ben Carson is? As I began learning about him, I asked a number of people if they had ever heard of him. Most say they haven’t. Yet, at the time of this writing, National Election Polls have Ben Carson rated in the top five … [Read more...]

Terri Lightfoot: Nevada Health Partners

Meet Terri Lightfoot, CEO and Executive Director of Nevada Health Partners and Nevada Business Group on Health

CEO and Executive Director Nevada Health Partners and Nevada Business Group on Health http://www.nvbgh.org/ How did you first get into your profession? My first job in healthcare was a receptionist when people still paid their doctors with cash … or chickens. I left healthcare for the early part of my career and returned as a healthcare lobbyist in 1990 which led to … [Read more...]

Bryce Clutts: DC Building Group

Meet Bryce Clutts, President of DC Building Group

President DC Building Group http://buildwithdcbg.com/ What do you want your legacy to be? That I loved God, my wife and children before anything else. What is your pet peeve? Lack of accountability. Not doing what you said you were going to do. What is a little known fact about yourself? I am the youngest President of the Las Vegas Chapter of the AGC (Associated … [Read more...]

Ann Simmons Nicholson: The Simmons Group

Meet Ann Simmons Nicholson, President & CEO of The Simmons Group

Las Vegas President & CEO http://www.simmons-group.com/ How did you first get into your profession? I was working as director of operations for a fast food chain. The position responsibilities were divided up and I was given my choice. I choose HR and training and development. What business advice would you give someone just starting in your industry? Find a way … [Read more...]

Around the State: August 2015

Reno Ranks Among Best Cities for Recreation WalletHub, a personal finance website, recently conducted an in-depth analysis of this year’s best and worst cities for recreation. The study found that, of the 100 largest cities, Reno ranked 10th for best cities for recreation. The study looked at cities across 27 key metrics and the data set included figures such as parkland … [Read more...]

The Choice Union Members Don’t Know They Have: Why Employee Freedom Scares Union Bosses

Have you ever bought a new washer and dryer only to discover that the store down the street sold the same set for $750 less? It’s a frustrating experience to find out that you had better options than the ones you knew about. This is the situation that tens of thousands of Nevada union members unknowingly find themselves in. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics … [Read more...]

Legislative Review

The last legislative session in Nevada was one of the most productive the state has seen in recent years.

The last legislative session in Nevada was one of the most productive the state has seen in recent years. Love it or hate it, there is no denying the outcomes of that productivity and the work of the 78th Session will be discussed for years to come. With around 1,000 registered lobbyists and as many bills passed, 20 freshmen lawmakers and the state’s largest tax increase, … [Read more...]

Industrial Summary: Second Quarter 2015

Southern Nevada The overall vacancy rate for the Las Vegas Valley Industrial market in the second quarter was 6.2 percent, a drop of 0.5 points, from 6.7 percent in the first quarter of 2015. This decline equates to ten straight quarters of declining industrial vacancies. The strong growth in demand for industrial space, paired with resurgent construction and industrial … [Read more...]

Business Indicators: August 2015

Business Indicators: August 2015. Includes status of U.S. Nevada, Las Vegas, and Reno economies.

The “third” estimate for first quarter 2015 shows U.S. real gross domestic product decreasing at an annualized rate of 0.2 percent, higher than the negative 0.7 percent growth previously reported in the “second” estimate. The revision consisted of a smaller decrease of exports and a larger increase in personal consumption expenditures. Federal government spending, changes in … [Read more...]

What is Your Personal Mission Statement?

Six Nevada executives share their personal mission statement.

“It is my mission in life to create wonderful long lasting personal relationships. To live with integrity, honesty & unconditional love; And to never lose sight of what is important; family.” Kathy O’Grady Watkins | Partner, Sutton Watkins Advertising & Marketing, Inc. “Make someone else’s life better by what you do.” Matthew T. Dushoff, Esq. | Shareholder Kolesar … [Read more...]