NVAR releases Face of Foreclosure report

Nevada Business Press Releases for January 28th

Contacts: Sally Young, NVAR 775.829.5911 George McCabe, B&P 702.325.7358 gmccabe@bpadlv.com NVAR’s “Face of Foreclosure” report debunks threat of “shadow inventory,” suggests ways lawmakers can help Nevadans move past foreclosure crisis After studying the foreclosure issue for nearly four years, the Nevada Association of REALTORS® (NVAR) released its latest … [Read more...]

NVAR’s “Face of Foreclosure” report shows Nevadans split on strategic default


A “Face of Foreclosure” report recently released by the Nevada Association of REALTORS® (NVAR) paints a picture of frustrated but oddly optimistic Nevadans who believe government has failed to address the foreclosure crisis and who are divided over whether homeowners should “strategically default” on their mortgages. Forty-five percent of all Nevadans surveyed said “there is … [Read more...]