Family Owned Businesses 2014

The backbone of the economy, family owned businesses are an integral part of Nevada’s economic landscape.Congratulations to the 2014 Family Owned Business Finalists

It isn’t easy running a business, especially a family-owned business. Late hours, little to no salary and foregoing vacations can sometimes be exacerbated by family squabbles and employees that know the boss just a little too well. Nevertheless, family-owned businesses are the backbone of Nevada’s economy.

This year Nevada Business Magazine received several hundred nominations for the fourth annual Family Owned Business Awards. Choosing the 60 finalists across the state and narrowing it down further to 20 winners was no easy task as so many businesses in Nevada deserve this recognition.

This year’s group of finalists are all hard-working families that made a home in the Silver State. They are raising their families here and some have been here for generations. They believe that Nevada’s future is bright and are determined to be a part of that future.

Thanks to all of Nevada’s family-owned businesses, especially the 2014 finalists. Nevada Business Magazine acknowledges your hard work and dedication and honors your commitment to this state. Furthermore, the judges and staff behind the Family Owned Business Awards recognize that for a family-run company, business is personal. It’s that extra touch that drives employees and customers to businesses that are privately held and can sometimes mean the difference between a company that thrives and one that folds. Congratulations, for staying in business, for thriving in business and for sticking with Nevada. This award is for those family-owned businesses that represent the Silver State and showcase the best it has to offer.

Finally, a very special “Thank You” to our corporate sponsor, Nevada State Bank, who shares a commitment to family owned businesses across the state. They have proven to be great partners and without their support this event would not have been possible.


Dave Archer, Nevada Center for Entrepreneurship and Technology

Jana Benton, Nevada State Bank

Connie Brennan, Nevada Business Magazine

Ed Cadena, United States Small Business Administration

Rob Hooper, Northern Nevada Development Authority

Cassaundra Johnson, Nevada State Bank

Sonia Joya, Hill International

Nancy McCormick, Economic Development Authority of Western Nevada


A business, less than 10 years old, in the first generation of succession with expectations for future generations to run the company.


Julia, Sarah, Ken, Taylor and Adrian Brown: Critical Tattoo(L to R) Julia, Sarah, Ken, Taylor and Adrian Brown
Critical Tattoo

Est: 2005

Ken and Sarah Brown, like many small business owners, took a leap of faith when they founded Critical Tattoo. That leap has paid off. Now in its eighth year of operation, the manufacturing company makes products for professional tattoo artists. The husband wife team, along with their children, have created a brand that works internationally and is quickly become a household name in the industry.

Chris and Courtney Meredith Design on EdgeChris and Courtney Meredith
Design on Edge
Est: 2007

Chris and Courtney Meredith, a husband and wife team, are devoted to small businesses and have made the niche a focus for their business.  They started the freelance design company with $40 and their ambitions and have since managed to double their business each year by providing needed design services for smaller clientele and start-ups.

Gino and Julianna Scala Great Full GardensGino and Julianna Scala
Great Full Gardens
Est: 2008

Delicious and healthy soups have become an art form for Gino and Julianna Scala. The couple founded Great Full Gardens out of their home kitchen and are committed to making all of their products sustainably while providing wholesome food for their customers.  Today they work alongside their daughters and son, Rachael, Amber, Holly and Alex to continue to build their company while remaining true to the values they were founded on.


Maria Magdalena Medrano, George and Ernesto Barroso, Sebastian Barroso Barroso & Sons LLC(Back) Maria Magdalena Medrano, George and Ernesto Barroso
(Front) Sebastian Barroso
Barroso & Sons LLC
Est: 2010

After struggling to find his way to America from communist Cuba, Ernesto Barroso recognized an untapped resource in the wine industry. He has since turned that discovery into a brisk wine brokerage. After realizing that no one was selling hibiscus wine, which is common in Central, South America and Mexico, he found a way to have the wine manufactured and now produces “Señorita Maria” which he resells.  Ernesto works alongside his wife Maria Magdalena Medrano.

Danyelle and Danny Gunsallus, Debra Tornabeni, Frank Gunsallus Power House Plastering(L to R) Danyelle and Danny Gunsallus, Debra Tornabeni, Frank Gunsallus
Power House Plastering
Est: 2009

Power House Plastering was established by Danny Gunsallus at a time when the construction industry was down. It would appear Danny’s risk has paid off and the business has managed to not only survive, but is now positioned to grow. Working with his wife Debra Tornabeni, Danny is tireless in his dedication to the company and wants to build a foundation for his children, Danyelle and Frank, to grow into the future.

Wanda Alexander, Elbert Sr. and Denette Braud The Funnel Cake Café(L to R) Wanda Alexander, Elbert Sr. and Denette Braud
The Funnel Cake Café
Est: 2006

Founded as a fun family activity for the Brauds, The Funnel Cake Cafe has since made a name for itself among the mobile food industry in Las Vegas.  Denette Braud started the business with her mother, Wanda Alexander and husband Elbert Braud, Sr. Serving up delicious funnel cakes at outdoor events, the team also has a heart for the community and has made it a mission to give back.

Don’t Forget to Share

A business that has made significant contributions to the community and prides itself on giving back.


Charlie and Karen Abowd Adele’s Restaurant & LoungeCharlie and Karen Abowd
Adele’s Restaurant & Lounge
Est: 1977

Community involvement could be the catchphrase for Adele’s Restaurant & Lounge.  Founded by Charlie and Karen Abowd and named after Charlie’s mother, Adele’s has become a hub for Carson City’s art and music events.  The Abowds are dedicated to their community and have a particular passion for furthering the arts. The restaurant serves organic, local ingredients and strives to provide an innovative menu for their guests.

Ty Whitaker, Constance Aguilar and Abbi Whitaker The Abbi Agency(L to R) Ty Whitaker, Constance Aguilar and Abbi Whitaker
The Abbi Agency
Est: 2007

Founded by Abbi Whitaker, The Abbi Agency has made Reno its home. Working alongside her husband, Ty, her sister Constance Aguilar and her dad Geoff Holtom, Abbi is dedicated to giving back to the community that welcomed her marketing agency.  Abbi believes that paying it forward is one of the best ways to help her company grow. As such, the firm can have between 10 to 15 non-profit projects going at any given time.

Dr. Robin White and Michael White The Medical Profession, LLCDr. Robin White and Michael White
The Medical Profession, LLC
Est: 2004

Founded by Dr. Robin White and her husband, Michael, The Medical Profession is a private practice in Reno. As a pediatric doctor, Dr. White believes that the health of Reno’s children is a priority. She is one of the founding members of the Pediatric After Hours Care Clinic and was the first recipient of the Silver Syringe award in Nevada.  In addition, Dr. White was a founding member of the Angel Kiss Foundation, which later became the Northern Nevada Children’s Cancer Foundation.


Lori Grieco, Jimmy Nelson, Sandy Dunham, Gina Grieco and Donna Nelson Academy of Hair Design(L to R) Lori Grieco, Jimmy Nelson, Sandy Dunham, Gina Grieco and Donna Nelson
Academy of Hair Design
Est: 1970

After working at several positions within the Academy of Hair Design, Sandy Dunham took over ownership of the academy in 1981. Working alongside several family members, Sandy has made it a mission to ensure the school plays an active role in giving back. The school provides several scholarships and participates annually in the Walk for Lymphoma and Leukemia in memory of Sandy’s husband.

Mikka Moon Tuxedo JunctionMikka Moon
Tuxedo Junction
Est: 1978

Founded by Robert and Mikka Moon, Tuxedo Junction has been serving three generations of formal-wearers.  Mikka now runs the company and works with her daughter, Monica, who was raised in the business. Without the support of the community, Mikka feels that Tuxedo Junction would not have survived over the years. To that end, she has a heart for giving back and donates several thousand dollars in formal wear to non-profits throughout Southern Nevada.

Cynthia Glickman, Robyn Yates and Di Redman Windermere Real Estate(L to R) Cynthia Glickman, Robyn Yates and Di Redman
Windermere Real Estate
Est: 2004

Robyn Yates, determined to be her own boss, founded Nevada’s first Windermere Real Estate office. She was soon joined by Di Redman and Cynthia Glickman in the community who also purchased franchises in Southern Nevada. The three quickly determined that community giving would be an integral part of their business model and, today, donate several thousand dollars and, along with their employees, hundreds of hours to non-profits in the area.

When the Going Gets Tough...

A business that faced adversity and made changes to adapt to what was sure to be tough times.


Connie and Gina Stutchman Arbors Memory Care CommunityConnie and Gina Stutchman
Arbors Memory Care Community
Est: 1973

Founded by Connie and Tom Stutchman, Arbors Memory Care Community is in a tough business, assisted living. Couple that with the recent economic downturn and Arbors had to adapt to survive. Run today by the Stutchman’s daughter, Gina and her husband, Jason Lewis, the organization has found a way to adapt their business model and provide affordable yet quality assisted living.

Sara and Ben Miller Branded Screen PrintingSara and Ben Miller
Branded Screen Printing
Est: 2009

Ben Miller’s frustration with a lack of quality jobs that pay livable wages during the downturn prompted him and his wife Sara to get into the screen printing business. After purchasing their own equipment and starting out of their garage, the two have steadily grown their business and now employ anywhere from 14 to 17 people, depending on the season.

Gerd E. Poppinga, Jr. Vineburg Machining, Inc.Gerd E. Poppinga, Jr.
Vineburg Machining, Inc.
Est: 1977

Vineburg Machining was founded by Gerd G. Poppinga Sr. Joined by his son, Gerd, Jr., the Poppinga’s faced competition in the high volume machining industry from international companies and realized they would need to adapt to survive.  In order to make the necessary changes, the company focused on cutting costs and producing high quality, complex products for specific industries.


Regina and Dan Simmons, David Bowers, Ricardo Rodriguez, John Simmons, Tabitha Fiddyment Simmons Firefly* Tapas Kitchen & Bar(L to R) Regina and Dan Simmons, David Bowers, Ricardo Rodriguez, John Simmons, Tabitha Fiddyment Simmons
Firefly* Tapas Kitchen & Bar
Est: 2003

Founded by John Simmons, Firefly* has seen its share of hardships. After having a restaurant close due to a food-borne illness outbreak, John and Tabitha Simmons, the restaurant owners, have worked hard to ensure that never happens again. Having most recently closed their Henderson location, the Simmons and several family members are focused on providing a superior dining experience at their remaining two locations.

Deborah Morelli, Anthony Sr., Lynn and Anthony Madonia Jr. Great Buns Bakery(L to R) Deborah Morelli, Anthony Sr., Lynn and Anthony Madonia Jr.
Great Buns Bakery
Est: 1982

Established by Augie and Linda Madonia, Great Buns Bakery became known as a quality, traditional bakery with a catchy name. In 2007, the bakery caught fire and burned everything the Madonia’s had worked so hard for.  Anthony, Sr., his wife Lynn and their son Anthony Madonia, Jr., managed to rebound and rebuild from the ground up.  Today the bakery is working on expanding and credits their ability to come back to both their loyal employees and customers.

John and Gail Kaiser, Gary, Betty and Bob Gripentog, Linda and Bruce Nelson Las Vegas Boat Harbor(L to R) John and Gail Kaiser, Gary, Betty and Bob Gripentog, Linda and Bruce Nelson
Las Vegas Boat Harbor
Est: 1957

Unfortunately, one of the first things to go during a recession is leisure activities. Couple that with drought conditions at the lake and the Gripentogs, who own Las Vegas Boat Harbor, faced fewer boat sales and lower occupancy for boat slip and dry storage. Nevertheless, the company, which has nearly 20 family members working for it, made strides to change the way they do business and diversify in a way that will ensure the company’s success for future generations.


A business that has made significant efforts to go green within their organization and to reduce the company’s carbon footprint.


Don and Kim Bruce 1-800-Got-Junk?Don and Kim Bruce
Est: 2004

Don and Kim Bruce launched a franchise of 1-800-Got-Junk? in Northern Nevada in 2004 with their oldest son Matt. Zachary, the couple’s youngest son also joined the business when he turned 15. The Bruce family operates their business by the philosophy of treating every customer with the care and concern they give to their own family. Knowing how vital it is to reuse as much as possible, the Bruce’s use their business to encourage recycling.

Monique and Wes Nichols Green CleanMonique and Wes Nichols
Green Clean
Est: 2007

A brother and sister team is rare, yet Monique and Wes Nichols have managed to turn a cleaning company into a great team. Green Clean started as a way for Monique to become more aware of organic ways to clean her own home. Concern for her children led Monique to discover the damage traditional, chemical cleaners can cause. She then brought her brother on board and has, throughout the years, employed various other family members as well.

Adrienne Snow and Becky Pleasants Little SmudgeezAdrienne Snow and Becky Pleasants
Little Smudgeez
Est: 2007

Founded by Adrienne Snow, Rebecca Pleasants and Justin Sarnowski, Little Smudgeez is a specialty cloth diaper manufacturer. After having her first child and realizing how wasteful disposable diapers are, Adrienne set out to find an alternative. She helped found Little Smudgeez which provides environmentally friendly and affordable diapers while educating others about the benefits of cloth versus disposable.


Janie Lynn Lighting and Electronic Design Inc.Janie Lynn
Lighting and Electronic Design Inc.
Est: 1992

Founded by Janie Lynn, Lighting and Electronic Design, or L.E.D., is a trailblazer in the linear led products industry. Janie was joined by her brother Jerry Laidman in 1995 whose engineering skills brought the company to a new level. Providing efficient and unique lighting, LED now employs Janie’s grandson Thomas Felder and his wife Paulina who hope to grow the business into the future.

Judy, Dan and Gia Del Rossi Tiffany Couture Cleaners(L to R) Judy, Dan and Gia Del Rossi
Tiffany Couture Cleaners

Edward and Dolores Germano established Tiffany Couture Cleaners in 1970 who eventually passed the business on to their children Judy and Dan Del Rossi. Today, a total of 10 family members work for the dry cleaners and Dan and Judy have determined to make the business as environmentally friendly as possible. The family invested in a new cleaning system and uses environmentally friendly products while encouraging recycling amongst their customers and employees.

DeeDee Eliades, Dave Wilden, Jonathan Schwartz and Henry Eliades Yellow Checker Star Transportation(L to R) DeeDee Eliades, Dave Wilden, Jonathan Schwartz and Henry Eliades
Yellow Checker Star Transportation
Est: 1986

Founded by the Schwartz, Willden, Eliades, Dudley and Burton families, Yellow Checker Star is one of the most recognized taxi companies in Southern Nevada. The families realized the strain a transportation company can have on air quality in the Valley and implemented the use of propane fuel in all of their cars. By doing so, Yellow Checker Star has managed to minimize the damage of carbon monoxide and particulate matter by an estimated 1,600 tons each year.

Swimming Upstream

A business that is minority- or woman-owned.


Jamie and Jarrod Schmidt CES Machine Products IncJamie and Jarrod Schmidt
CES Machine Products Inc.
Est: 1979

Founded by Charles Schmidt, CES Machine Products began with a single out-dated machine in a small garage. With the help of Charles’ wife, Ann, the company grew until eventually, they passed it on to their daughter Jamie, who runs the business today. Working alongside Jamie to keep the company producing the quality manufacturing it has been known for are her brother Jarrod and uncle Stanley.

Shepherd and Clinton Darquea, June Joplin, Fletcher Darquea Comma Coffee(L to R) Shepherd and Clinton Darquea, June Joplin, Fletcher Darquea
Comma Coffee
Est: 2000

A testament to what one woman can achieve when she sets her mind to it, Comma Coffee is a labor of love for founder and owner June Joplin. Since its founding, the coffee shop has become a meeting place for Carson City. Throughout the years, June’s five children, Nicholas, Clinton, Fletcher, Hannah and Shepherd have all had a hand in the success of the business.

Santino and Jennifer Catalupo, Joshua, Jordan, Tamara and Jonathan Dethmers Nevada Barricade & Sign Co., Inc.(L to R) Santino and Jennifer Catalupo, Joshua, Jordan, Tamara and Jonathan Dethmers
Nevada Barricade & Sign Co., Inc.
Est: 2000

An unusual industry for women, Tamara Dethmers returned to the safety/transportation industry after 18 years in education.  Her determination and willingness to work with others in the industry has helped her be successful. Today, Tamara has grown the business with her sons Joshua, Jonathan and Jordan and daughter and son-in-law, Jennifer and Santino Cantalupo.


Jane Lee Jadon FoodsJane Lee
Jadon Foods
Est: 2008

Jadon Foods began when Jane Lee wanted to find a way to create delicious treats for her father that fit within their dietary restrictions and a business was born. Owned and founded by Jane Lee and Donna Dingee, the business is both woman- and Asian-American-owned. Despite any discrimination they may face, the company has its niche and Donna and Jane have made their own success and have hired several family members throughout the years.

Marylou, Ramon and Cindy Soto Lazer Ladies Gifts and Awards(L to R) Marylou, Ramon and Cindy Soto
Lazer Ladies Gifts and Awards
Est: 2007

Run by sisters Marylou and Cindy Soto, Lazer Ladies Gifts and Awards began as a way for Marylou, who was in the Air Force, to fill a need she saw in providing military honors. Together with her sister, she took over an existing trophy shop. They eventually recruited their parents, Ramon and Maria. Today they find success in an area that was previously underserved and are continually looking for ways to adapt and improve their business.

Cathy Jones Sun Commercial Real Estate, Inc.Cathy Jones
Sun Commercial Real Estate, Inc.
Est: 2006

After realizing she was ready to strike out on her own, Cathy A. Jones, CPA, CCIM, began in Sun Commercial with a partner based out of Arizona. Cathy bought out her partner and now has a hundred percent ownership in both the Nevada and Arizona markets.  At a time when real estate, especially commercial real estate, has seen unprecedented downturns in both states, Cathy adapted and maintained a tenacious hold on her marketshare.

It’s Good to be on Top

A business that is at the top of its game, doing better than ever.


Randall, Sue, Brian Kelly, Richard Sr. and Briana Sidwell In1Spot-Photography The Sidwell Group(L to R) Randall, Sue, Brian Kelly, Richard Sr. and Briana Sidwell
The Sidwell Group
Est: 2005

Founded by Susan and Richard Sidwell, In1Spot-Photography is a residential and commercial photography business. The couple’s son, Randall, became a valuable part of the business and moved to Hawaii to build a branch there. After making that second branch a success, Randall returned to Reno and now helps run the primary arm of the business with his parents. In addition, Randall’s sister Briana and her fiancé, Brian Kelly, also assist in the company.

John and Joseph Dutra Kimmie Candy CompanyJohn and Joseph Dutra
Kimmie Candy Company
Est: 2000

Kimmie Candy had an unusual beginning. When Joseph Dutra began selling candy, he was new to the business. He quickly caught on however and now business is booming.  Creating a lasting legacy for his children, John and Kathryn, Joseph continues to grow and expand the business. In the last five years, the company has doubled its sales and grown from 7 employees to 35.

Brian and Michelle Miller The CartBarnBrian and Michelle Miller
The CartBarn
Est: 2002

Brian and Michele Miller purchased The CartBarn when the previous owner passed away. Since then, the Miller’s have grown the business to a record sales year in 2013 with just over $1.5 million in gross sales. Providing golf and utility carts to end users, The CartBarn is well positioned in Northern Nevada, which has a number of golf couses. Brian and Michele have worked hard to increase their business, which has grown by leaps and bounds.


Anthony London, Sherry London, Jack London, Melissa Williams and Antonia Luca London Medical Management, Inc.(L to R) Anthony London, Sherry London, Jack London, Melissa Williams and Antonia Luca
London Medical Management, Inc.
Est: 1989

Founded by former hospital administrator Jack London, D.D., London Medical Management, Inc. began as a way to establish an independent advocate for patients and their families. Today the company is owned by Jack and his wife Sherry who work with their children, Melissa, Anthony and Antonia.  The London’s credit the company’s success to their employees.  They’re doing something right; the business has grown by 35 percent annually for the past five years.

Brian and Kari Haskell Retro BakeryBrian and Kari Haskell
Retro Bakery
Est: 2008

Owned by Kari and Brian Haskell, Retro Bakery opened at the beginning of a housing crisis. The Haskell’s were able to turn a negative into a positive. They became known as the neighborhood bakery and have seen growth every year for the last five years and have increased sales by 40 percent over last year. The bakery is becoming known as the preferred vendor for many restaurants and their reputation for quality sweets continues to grow.

Brian and Hillary Steinberg Steinberg Law GroupBrian and Hillary Steinberg
Steinberg Law Group
Est: 1996

With the goal of creating a law firm that dealt with family law with a specific goal of protecting children, Brian Steinberg founded Steinberg Law Group. Together with his wife Hillary, Brian’s firm has grown approximately 230 percent in the last five years and plans to move into a larger building space and bring on more attorneys. While Brian handles the legality of divorce, Hillary works to educate the Las Vegas community about divorce mediation by an attorney.

The More the Merrier

A business that has 50 employees or more.


Scott, Kelly, Michael and Bart Hiatt A&K Earth Movers, Inc.(L to R) Scott, Kelly, Michael and Bart Hiatt
A&K Earth Movers, Inc.
Est: 1965

Founded as a land leveling business by Kenneth P. “Kelly” Hiatt and his brother-in-law, Alfred Miller, A & K Earth Movers has a rich history in Northern Nevada. Employing anywhere from 85 to 225 people, depending on the season, the company is an asset to the community. Today, the business is owned by Kelly’s three sons, Bart, Mike and Scott Hiatt who have worked to make changes at the company so that it can grow into the future.

Tom White, Stephanie Kilroy and Michael Traynor Haws Corporation(L to R) Tom White, Stephanie Kilroy and Michael Traynor
Haws Corporation
Est: 1909

Employing approximately 250 people, the Haws Corporation invents, manufactures and builds drinking fountains and custom emergency response products. Founded by Luther Haws, the business moved to Nevada in 1977 and eventually passed on to the Traynor family. Family members working at the company today include, Mike Traynor, Tom White, Stephanie Kilroy and Kevin Traynor.

Ali Wesson, Jan, Dave, Sam, Drew and Jill Marson Nature’s Bakery(L to R) Ali Wesson, Jan, Dave, Sam, Drew and Jill Marson
Nature’s Bakery
Est: 2010

Richard Marson wanted to open a bakery that promoted all natural ingredients and Nature’s Bakery was born. The company is run today by Richard’s son Dave and his grandson Sam and has seen a 400 percent revenue growth over the last two years. Additionally, the business brought on a hundred new employees to help with increased production, operations, marketing and administration in Reno and Carson City.


Joseph and Jeremy Stamis Jerry’s Nugget CasinoJoseph and Jeremy Stamis
Jerry’s Nugget Casino
Est: 1964

Owned by the Stamis family for the past 50 years, Jerry’s Nugget Casino is a Las Vegas landmark. The casino caters to locals and the Stamis’ strive to ensure their guests feel like family. Run today by Joseph, Jeremy and their father Angelo Stamis, Jerry’s Nugget manages over 350 employees and maintains an open door policy to allow employees and customers the opportunity to interact with ownership.

David Steinberg, Mark Winkler and Leon Steinberg Steinberg Diagnostic Medical Imaging Center(L to R) David Steinberg, Mark Winkler and Leon Steinberg
Steinberg Diagnostic Medical Imaging Center
Est: 1988

Founded by Dr. Leon Steinberg, Steinberg Diagnostic has remained in the family since its inception. The company is run today by Dr. Leon’s son, Dr. David Steinberg. The practice has grown to meet the needs of Southern Nevada and expects to shortly open a new location.  With a culture of “family-first”, the approximately 350 employees at Steinberg are connected to ownership and feel more invested in the business’ success.

Greg and Derek Stevens The D Las VegasGreg and Derek Stevens
The D Las Vegas
Est: 2012

A recent addition to downtown Las Vegas, the D Las Vegas is the brain-child of brothers Derek and Greg Stevens who saw potential in what was formerly the Fitzgerald’s Hotel and Casino. They revamped the property and opened a new casino with modern amenities and a nod to vintage Vegas.  Employing several hundred workers in the downtown area, the D Las Vegas is still a family operation and the Stevens work hard to maintain that atmosphere.

Wave of the Future

A business that has made the most of technology and utilizes it daily to be more efficient and successful.


Erica, Howard and Nancy Olsen OnStrategy(L to R) Erica, Howard and Nancy Olsen
Est: 2000

Founded by husband and wife, Howard and Nancy Olsen along with their daughter, Erica Olsen, OnStrategy, formerly known as M3 Planning, was formed with the idea that every business, no matter how large or small, should have a strategic plan for growth. The Olsens then created an online strategic plan development and implementation platform to help organizations realize goals no matter the economic circumstances.

Shelly, Taylor and Tim Averill SkyBox Cloud LLC(L to R) Shelly, Taylor and Tim Averill
SkyBox Cloud LLC
Est: 2011

After realizing how efficient and useful working in the cloud can be for business, Tim Averill and his wife Shelly, a CPA, decided to create one that provides backup and disaster recovery services to business in Reno and Sparks. Since its inception, the company has grown tremendously with companies all over the world utilizing Skybox’s services.  With plans to open a third data center this year. Skybox’s growth doesn’t look to be slowing down anytime soon.

Marie Gibson The Caregiver’s JournalMarie Gibson
The Caregiver’s Journal
Est: 2011

Information overload can be overwhelming for families when a loved-one is hospitalized. Marie Gibson, along with her sister Lynn Gibson and niece Amanda Regalia, searched for a way to streamline information during trying times.  Together, they created the Caregiver’s Journal which allows the caregiver to keep detailed notes. Today the company is moving into the online world with a unique app that allows loved-one’s patient information to be accessed anywhere.


Adam Gordon LasVegasFurnitureOnline.comAdam Gordon
Est: 1995; Actual Website: 2003

What began as a local furniture store has since turned into a nationwide marketplace. Owned by Adam Gordon, the business originally began as Kimberly Designs, named after Adam’s wife. When he began selling furniture on eBay, Adam soon realized that there was a need for low-cost, quality furniture in other parts of the country. Adam credits his biggest advantage to the ability to offer a much larger selection than traditional furniture stores.

Tim Jr. and Tim Sr. Fromhart Service 1st Energy SolutionsTim Jr. and Tim Sr. Fromhart
Service 1st Energy Solutions
Est: 2009

Having been in the HVAC and plumbing business in Nevada for the last 25 years, the Fromharts have a rich history in the Silver State. After realizing the vast potential of the area’s sunny days, Tim Sr. and his son, Tim, Jr. moved into the solar energy field and began developing a concept that would provide complete energy solutions to their customers. That concept became Service 1st Energy Solutions where they provide cost-efficient, technologically advanced solar solutions.

Jon Perry and Jonathan Fine Sting Alarm Inc.Jon Perry and Jonathan Fine
Sting Alarm Inc.
Est: 2004

Launched a decade ago by Las Vegas native Jonathan Fine, Sting Alarm is a nationwide security company that utilizes technological advancements to improve the safety and security of commercial and residential properties.  The business was founded with the recognition that many traditional alarm systems and security features had not been updated in several years. Jonathan runs the business today with good friend and vice president, Jon Perry.

Change is Good

A business that has moved on to the second generation, or further, and has successfully utilized the younger generation’s ideas.


Jerome Brown, Theresa and Jonathan Conner, Joe, Petrie, James, Jackie and Jon Brown ABC Heating & Sheet Metal(L to R) Jerome Brown, Theresa and Jonathan Conner, Joe, Petrie, James, Jackie and Jon Brown
ABC Heating & Sheet Metal
Est: 1980

Founded by Petrie and Maguerite Brown, ABC Heating & Sheet Metal now has four of their five sons, a daughter, daughter-in-law and two grandsons involved in the business. The Brown’s sons made changes by expanding the business from heating and air conditioning to include custom architectural sheet metal and hand railing. The Browns hope that the company will continue to remain in their family well into the future.

Valerie Clark Clark & Associates of Nevada, Inc.Valerie Clark
Clark & Associates of Nevada, Inc.
Est: 1992

Clark & Associates began when Sharon Clark decided to strike out on her own in the insurance business. She recruited her daughter-in-law, Valerie Clark, six months after opening and Valerie currently runs the business. The company works to provide services individualized for each client. Valerie hopes to pass the business to her children, Bailey and Dustin. Bailey currently works part-time as receptionist at the company.

Payton, Derek, Mark and Herman Menezes Menezes Brothers, Inc(L to R) Payton, Derek, Mark and Herman Menezes
Menezes Brothers, Inc.
Est: 1957

Searching for the American Dream, Herman Menezes founded Menezes Bros. over 56 years ago as an operation that processes various types of agriculture such as alfalfa.  Today, Herman is still involved with the business which is run by two of his three children who have worked with their father for over 30 years.  Additionally, several grandchildren, a nephew and a niece are involved in the family business which has operations across Nevada and California.


Frank Lazzara, Fatemah Emanzadeh, Fahim Akhvansaber and Seyed Emamzadeh,Laila and Ava Lazzara Griddlecakes(Back) Frank Lazzara, Fatemah Emanzadeh, Fahim Akhvansaber and Seyed Emamzadeh (Front) Laila and Ava Lazzara
Est: 1990

Founded by Fahim Akhvansaber and Seyed Emamzadeh, Griddlecakes began with one location known as Kountry Kafe. Their daughter, Fatemah Emamzadeh and husband Frank Lazzara eventually expanded and changed the name to Griddlecakes. The family says its greatest legacy is being able to serve breakfast to many returning customers year after year.  They hope to eventually pass the restaurants, now with four locations, on to their children.

Minette, Don and Donny Curnutt, Corey Walker Southern Nevada Pest Control(L to R) Minette, Don and Donny Curnutt, Corey Walker
Southern Nevada Pest Control
Est: 1986

Founded by Don Curnutt, Jim Lands and Jake Jacobson, Southern Nevada Pest Control was purchased by Don so that he could pass the business on to his children. Today the company is run by Don and his wife Minette’s son Donny, who works as general manager. Additionally, the couple’s grandson Corey is involved in the business which has employed a nephew and two other grandchildren throughout the years.

Nancy Brooks, Brenda, Robert, Mary Lou and Jack Campbell Sportco Sporting Goods(L to R) Nancy Brooks, Brenda, Robert, Mary Lou and Jack Campbell
Sportco Sporting Goods
Est: 1989

A sporting goods supplier, Sportco Sporting Goods is owned by Robert Campbell who took over for his father. Truly a family owned business, Robert’s father, mother, wife and sister have all worked hard to ensure the company maintains the values the business was founded on while moving into the future with modern technology; continually offering good customer service and supporting their community.

Wisdom of Age


A business that has been operating for over 25 years.

Jim, Caroline, Virginia and Tom Bath Bath Lumber Company(L to R) Jim, Caroline, Virginia and Tom Bath
Bath Lumber Company
Est: 1948

Over 65 years in business, Bath Lumber was founded in downtown Ely by Thomas and Mary Bath to serve the needs of the mining community. Today the business is operated by Thomas’ children, Thomas Albert, James, Virginia Bath Terry and Caroline Bath McIntosh. The business has expanded, both physically with a new location and intellectually to include new products. The Bath’s themselves have been an integral part of the growth and diversification of White Pine County.

Debi, Kurt, Ember, Chris, Clint & Tyffani Henning; Kamiah, Lillian (baby), Pat, Howard & Miles Henning Fallon Auto Mall(Back) Debi, Kurt, Ember, Chris, Clint & Tyffani Henning; (Front) Kamiah, Lillian (baby), Pat, Howard & Miles Henning
Fallon Auto Mall
Est: 1960

With nearly 55 years in business, Fallon Auto Mall was originally known as Anderson Ford, Mercury. Howard and Pat Henning bought into the company and soon began running and eventually expanding the dealership to include other car manufacturers. Now the company is completely Henning owned and run by their son Kurt.  Several family members, including two of Kurt’s sons, Chris and Clint, also work for the business with their father and grandfather.

Scott Schellin, Shari Modene, Kyle Schellin Nevada Insurance Agency Company(L to R) Scott Schellin, Shari Modene, Kyle Schellin
Nevada Insurance Agency Company
Est: 1935

In business for almost 80 years, Nevada Insurance Agency Company has seen its fair share of changes in the insurance world. Founded by Clayton Phillips and Scoop Johnson, the company is run today by the Schellins, Mike, Scott and Kyle. The Schellins contend that the company’s continuing legacy is that their customers can count on them and they treat employees and clients alike as part of the family.


Andrew, Deborah and Gary Ackerman Gaudin Ford(L to R) Andrew, Deborah and Gary Ackerman
Gaudin Ford
Est: 1923

Established by George C. Gaudin over 90 years ago, Gaudin Ford moved to Nevada in 1955. Today the business is run by George’s grandson, Gary  and wife, Deborah Ackerman, their son Andrew and William Cambridge.  The company has built a legacy around customer services and has stayed true to their original Ford Motor Company brand. The family recognizes that relationships are key and strives to run the dealerships to reflect that philosophy.

Andy Katz Manpower Inc. of Southern NevadaAndy Katz
Manpower Inc. of Southern Nevada
Est: 1964

Founded by Mike and Bea Katz and run today by their son Andy, Manpower Inc. of Southern Nevada has been in business for 50 years. The family leveraged the name of a well-known brand and created a Southern Nevada business that helps lead people in the community to new careers daily. The business continues to grow and today employs 35 staff in four offices in Southern Nevada. The branch is also nationally recognized for their outstanding work.

Jake Tomlin, Elling and Brenda Halvorson, Geoff Edlund The Papillon Group(L to R) Jake Tomlin, Elling and Brenda Halvorson, Geoff Edlund
The Papillon Group
Est: 1965

The Papillon Group, a flight-seeing tour company, is run today by Brenda Halvorson. Brenda says that the company began as a literal pipe dream for her father, Elling, who owned a company that was hired to lay pipeline across treacherous canyon terrain. After seeing the beautiful scenery, he founded Grand Canyon Helicopters. With the addition of Brenda’s nephew Jake Tomlin, her son Geoff Edlund and his wife, Brooke, the company has continued to grow and thrive in Southern Nevada.