Submission Requirements

Other Acceptible Formats

Adobe Photoshop CS6*
Adobe Illustrator CS6*
Adobe InDesign CS6*
High Quality .JPG (300dpi)

* All native files must be packaged with all images and fonts.
The file will be returned otherwise for correction.


Submission Guidelines

Email files to
(must be 10MB or under)

or mail a CD to

Nevada Business Magazine
375 N. Stephanie St. Bldg. 22 Ste. 2211
Henderson, NV 89014


Color Models:

Nevada Business Magazine is printed web offset, process CMYK (cyan/magenta/yellow/black) according to SWOP (Specifications for Web Offset Publications) standards. Maximum density should not exceed 260% in any one area of all four colors. PMS spot colors, duotones and RGB (red/green/blue) images should be converted to closest CMYK equivalent. Color fidelity cannot be guaranteed for any art requiring conversion to CMYK during prepress. Do not submit CMYK art for grayscale (black and white) art.

Electronic Transport Media:

Digital art should be submitted on CD-ROM. Supply ad file, linked images and font files. Provide a list of disk files and include address, phone and name of contact knowledgeable about files. Requests for return of materials and disk should be done in writing.

Electronic File Transmission:

Submission of digital advertising materials via email is is acceptable provided the total size of all collected art 10MB or under. File compression for this purpose using ZipIt or Stuffit compression software (PC or Macintosh) is acceptable. Send files as email attachments to

Digital Photography:

For digital photographic submissions, camera must feature a minimum resolution of 8 megapixels. Photographs should be taken using the highest setting on the camera. Final image resolution should be 300 DPI at 100% reproduction size. Convert RGB files to CMYK. Persons submitting digital photography assume responsibility for image resolution, color fidelity, tonal range and file format.


Nevada Business Magazine Print Advertising Dimensions

Description Width Depth
Two-Page Spread 15.75” 9.875”
Full Page 7.25” 9.875”
2/3 Page 4.75” 9.875”
½-Page Spread 15.75” 4.75”
½-Page Horizontal 7.25” 4.75”
½-Page Vertical 4.75” 7.25”
1/3-Page Horizontal 4.75” 4.75”
1/3-Page Vertical 2.25” 9.875”
1/6-Page Horizontal 4.75” 2.25”
1/6-Page Vertical 2.25” 4.75”

Bleed Dimensions

Bleed Size Trim Size
Width Depth Width Depth
Two-Page Spread 17” 11.125” 16.75” 10.875”
Full Page 8.625” 11.125” 8.375” 10.875”
1/2-Page Spread 17” 5.375” 16.75” 10.875”

Bleeds: Add .125” from trim edges. Live Matter Margins:
Allow .5” from the trim edges. All measurements are in inches