Legal Elite 2015: Nevada’s Top Attorneys

This year’s Legal Elite polling garnered 6,454 nominations of attorneys from across the Silver State, highlighting top attorneys as chosen by their peers.

The following pages list Nevada’s top attorneys as chosen by their peers. This year’s poll had the highest level of participation of any year with over 7,000 nominations. Polling for the Legal Elite feature began in February of this year and attorneys were permitted to nominate their peers based on a number of criteria. The results, featured in the following pages, highlight … [Read more...]

Wage Insurers, Enforcers and a General Contractor’s Role

In 1931, the Nevada Legislature enacted a statute that made general contractors (GC) liable for the labor-related debt of their subcontractors. This statute, now codified as NRS 608.150, was set up to protect Hoover Dam workers to make sure they were properly compensated for their work. The statute ensures payment of not only wages, but also benefits. The legislature imposed … [Read more...]