Wayne Tew: Clark County Credit Union

Meet Wayne Tew: President/CEO, Clark County Credit Union

President/CEO Clark County https://www.ccculv.org/ How did you first get into your profession? When I left public accounting, I was working as a controller for a small data processing firm when a credit union CEO approached me and asked if I would come and work for him as vice president and controller. I accepted his offer and have been in credit unions ever … [Read more...]

Credit Unions in Nevada: They’re Coming Back

Many credit unions in Nevada are garnering profits, a welcome trend.

During the recession, Nevada’s Boulder Dam Credit Union (BDCU) moved from the black into the red, primarily due to loan losses, said President and CEO Eric Estes. It weathered the financial decline by shrinking assets and shares. After three and a half years in the doldrums, the credit union’s health began to turn around. BDCU now has been profitable for about 18 months, … [Read more...]