31 Percent of Nevada Workers Want to Leave Their Unions

Union Restrictions Make it Difficult for Members to Opt Out Have you ever been trapped? Maybe you were stuck in traffic without A/C on a blistering summer day. Maybe an elevator door took three beats too long to open. Maybe you squeezed into clothes that were just a bit too tight and constricted your movements. Being trapped is a terrible feeling. You feel stuck, isolated … [Read more...]

North Las Vegas Refuses to Bow Down to Union Pressure

Lyle Brennan

The North Las Vegas City Council made a courageous move on June 1 by standing up to the powerful public employee unions and giving the city manager the authority to discard portions of collective bargaining agreements in order to prevent devastating layoffs. The firefighters and police unions had negotiated generous contracts with the city when property taxes were high and … [Read more...]

Margins Tax Mayhem: Unions’ Tax Initiative Would Devastate Small, Struggling Businesses


In a long-anticipated move, the hard-left union bosses of the Nevada AFL-CIO and the state teachers union marked D-Day this year by launching another assault against Silver State businesses. A ballot initiative filed by the unions would ask lawmakers to hammer businesses with a new margins tax and then earmark the money to directly benefit the unions. The margins tax — … [Read more...]

Stop the Union Bullying: Culinary Tactics Hurt Us All

Lyle Brennan

Leaders of the Culinary Workers Union in Las Vegas must be frustrated that they can’t convince Station Casinos workers to unionize. Think of all the dues they could be collecting right now, if only they could get their hands into the pockets of another 13,000-plus workers. They’ve been trying for more than 10 years to unionize Station employees, without success. Maybe Station … [Read more...]