Hold On to Your Wallet: Legislature Once Again Has Taxpayers Bracing for Another Hit

Hold On to Your Wallet: Legislature Once Again Has Taxpayers Bracing for Another Hit

No man’s life, liberty or property is safe while the legislature is in session,” Mark Twain famously said while covering the biennial mess in Carson City. Despite Twain’s warnings, Nevada lawmakers are meeting once again, for the 77th regular legislative session, and Nevada taxpayers are realizing, once again, that their property is not safe. That’s because politicians … [Read more...]

How We Stack Up: The Climb Back to the Top


It wasn't that long ago that Nevada was ranked No. 1 in growth - a title it held for several years.  We couldn't build houses, roads, schools or office complexes fast enough to accommodate all the people flocking here to cash in on the boom.  Now, like the rest of the nation, the Silver State is struggling to emerge from a recession that turned these statistics upside down. … [Read more...]

Margins Tax Mayhem: Unions’ Tax Initiative Would Devastate Small, Struggling Businesses


In a long-anticipated move, the hard-left union bosses of the Nevada AFL-CIO and the state teachers union marked D-Day this year by launching another assault against Silver State businesses. A ballot initiative filed by the unions would ask lawmakers to hammer businesses with a new margins tax and then earmark the money to directly benefit the unions. The margins tax — … [Read more...]

Tax Issues: Beyond the Numbers


Taxes are on a lot of people’s minds this time of year. Taxes mean grumbling and money out of pockets and coffers, whether an individual’s or a business’. But taxes also mean services, at all levels of government, from federal to local. In the stressed and struggling Nevada economy, as tax season threatens on the horizon, there are inevitable questions. Is Nevada still … [Read more...]

The Dreaded “R” Word —- Revenues

There is no doubt that Nevada has been one of the hardest hit economies not only in the United States, but even the world.  Our double-digit unemployment rate is the highest in the nation month after month – exceeding even Greece’s unemployment.  Our housing market is second only to Detroit’s, with more than 70 percent of Las Vegas area mortgages under water and no signs of … [Read more...]