Family Owned Businesses 2014

The backbone of the economy, family owned businesses are an integral part of Nevada’s economic landscape.

Congratulations to the 2014 Family Owned Business Finalists It isn’t easy running a business, especially a family-owned business. Late hours, little to no salary and foregoing vacations can sometimes be exacerbated by family squabbles and employees that know the boss just a little too well. Nevertheless, family-owned businesses are the backbone of Nevada’s economy. This … [Read more...]

Business is Sweet on Valentine’s Day for Nevada Law Firm

Nevada Business Magazine Press Releases for February 14th

Las Vegas family law attorney Brian Steinberg of Steinberg Law Group says there is a sharp increase in divorce and prenuptial agreement inquiries on and after Valentine's Day. "Looking at our office in particular, filings are up," Steinberg says. A Yahoo! survey found that between the December holidays and Valentine's Day, people are more than twice as likely to … [Read more...]