Hospitals in Nevada: An Industry in Transition

Hospital administrators are working very closely with purchasers of care and insurance carriers, to needs while striving to be competitive with costs.

Some things that don’t change in healthcare: the importance of patient outcome, patient experience, patient compliance and patient ability to pay for services. Other things in healthcare are changing rapidly: bio-engineered medications to treat specific patients, imaging devices take the place of exploratory surgery, the model for healthcare, the way hospitals are reimbursed for services.… [More...]

Who has had the greatest impact on your career?

Who has had the greatest impact on your career?

Six executives share their answers:

Daren Libonati • President/COO, Justice Entertainment Group; Lynn Rosenbach • Chief Executive Officer, Southwest Medical Associates; Dr. Andrew M. Cash • Orthopedic Surgeon, Desert Institute of Spine Care; Kimball S. Anderson • CEO, Southern Hills Hospital; Kirk Boylston • President, NAIOP Southern Nevada; Pat Taylor, CMCA • Board of Directors Secretary, Community Association Institute [More...]