Alternative Energy Projects: Who Pays for These Boondoggles?

Not only do these taxpayer-funded projects fail to produce jobs, but the bottom line is that alternative energy is expensive energy.

Work is almost completed on the Crescent Dunes Solar Energy Project, located near Tonopah. The developers had received a $737 million loan guarantee from the U.S. Department of Energy, so if the project fails like Solyndra did, taxpayers will be on the hook for all that money. Even if we don’t have to ultimately make good on the loan, we’ll still be paying for it in lots of … [Read more...]

Lessons Learned: Integrity Matters

Successful businesses learned lessons from the recession: they learned to re-think their priorities and they found out who really had integrity.

American businesses are finally emerging from the recession – some of us survived bruised and battered, others didn’t make it and some companies managed to succeed by a combination of business smarts, ruthless cost-cutting and just plain luck. If the value of going through a crisis lies in the lessons we learn from it, maybe it’s time to ask what our experiences during the … [Read more...]

$1.3 billion for 288 jobs: The failure of government-subsidized renewable energy

Another reason why government shouldn’t pick winners and losers in the economy  In August, U.S. Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid hosted his fifth annual National Clean Energy Summit in Las Vegas. Delivering the keynote address, former president Bill Clinton claimed that if every state had a renewable-energy standard it would “put a lot of people back to work.” Sen. Reid … [Read more...]

Obama Tries to Grab Control of Another Vital Private Industry: The Internet

Lyle Brennan

We have already seen the Obama administration attempt to take over the healthcare industry with its Obama care program, and we watched it meddle in the alternative energy market by propping up Solyndra and other companies that should have been allowed to fail.  Recently, Obama appears to have sold out America again.  This time it was jobs-for-politics by denying a permit for … [Read more...]