Getting Out: The Financial Planning Features of a Business Exit Strategy

If an IPO is used as an exit strategy, it is important for ownership to begin planning for it right from the start and include it in the business plan.

Starting a business takes a large amount of planning. But after the business plan is completed, retail or office space is rented and employees are hired, many entrepreneurs have neglected one crucial question: When the time comes, how will they exit their business? When owners are immersed in the details of building a business, it’s difficult to imagine selling it or giving … [Read more...]

Connecting the Dots: Nevada’s Place in the Global Economy

In Nevada where the need to diversify the economy continues even as recovery takes hold, increasing the businesses that export could bolster the economy.

Ninety-six percent of the world’s population lives outside the U.S. Yet only 1 percent of American businesses export their products and services. In countries like Germany and Japan, some 40 to 60 percent of GDP is in export. Still, our 1 percent translates to trillions of dollars coming into the U.S. economy, according to Randy Innis, chair, Nevada District Export … [Read more...]

Foundation Raising Funds for Veterans Memorial in Downtown Las Vegas

A local foundation is raising money to build a "world-class" veterans memorial in downtown Las Vegas. The Las Vegas Veterans Memorial Foundation is seeking $2.2 million through its Brick Campaign, where bricks are being sold at a range of $250 to $550. All bricks can be purchased in honor of a veteran and customized with the veteran's name, rank, dates of service and … [Read more...]

TMC Financing Celebrates Celebrates Small Business Week

TMC Financing is Clark County’s leading provider of SBA 504 loans that help small business owners build or expand their facilities.

This week the Small Business Administration celebrate National Small Business Week in cities across the country. Events in San Francisco, Kansas City, Boston and Washington DC are joined by free webinars designed to help small business owners and entrepreneurs improve their businesses. Locally, TMC Financing is Clark County’s leading provider of SBA 504 loans that help small … [Read more...]

It’s an Investment: Commercial Financing in Nevada

Investing in commercial real estate requires a number of considerations. In addition to location, location, location, another consideration is financing.

The construction industry continues to be the barometer for the severity of Nevada’s economic plight, but commercial real estate in particular is making enough improvement to spark interest from investors and private parties looking to benefit from the historically low interest rates. This means banks and other real estate lenders are revving up business again. Economic … [Read more...]

April 2014: Around the State

Read business news from around Nevada for April 2014.

Nevada Leads the Way in Clean Energy According to a report from the Clean Energy Project, since 2010 Nevada has invested at least $5.5 billion in clean energy projects. The state ranks sixth in the United States in installed solar capacity and will host four major trade conferences for the clean energy sector this year. The industry is boosted in the Silver State because of … [Read more...]

Nevada State Bank hosts April 2 Insights webinar on unique ways to use SBA lending

Nevada State Bank is hosting a free webinar, “Insights: Unique Ways to Use SBA Lending,” on Wednesday, April 2, at 9 a.m. Pacific Time.

LAS VEGAS – Small business owners looking for financing may think a conventional loan is their only choice. However, there are other options to consider. With this in mind, Nevada State Bank is hosting a free webinar, “Insights: Unique Ways to Use SBA Lending,” on Wednesday, April 2, at 9 a.m. Pacific Time. Nevada State Bank has assembled an expert panel including Bob Hart, … [Read more...]

November 2012: Around the State


Home Sales Rise in Lake Tahoe According to a quarterly report released by Lake Tahoe-based real estate company, Chase International, there was a 37 percent jump in homes sold and a 16 percent rise in sales volume in the Lake Tahoe area. Homes sales under one million increased by 37 percent and home sales above one million increased by 33 percent while overall prices fell. The … [Read more...]