What is your greatest concern regarding the Affordable Care Act?

Six Nevada decision makers share their greatest concerns regarding the Affordable Care Act.

“My main concern is insurance rates.  The goal of ObamaCare was to get more people covered at affordable costs. However, with mandates, rating changes, etc going into effect next year it does not appear insurance rates will be going down anytime soon – especially for the younger, healthy population who we need in the risk pool!” Melissa Davies, RHU • Benefit Solutions … [Read more...]

What do you think is the greatest invention of our time?

“The iPhone – From an organizational standpoint (keeping one organized), ease of use and ability to have a record of your life, pictures, etc., it is by far the best invention so far.  Steve Jobs (God bless his soul) and his team have done an incredible job.  Our three year old was able to navigate thru the phone and get what she wanted with ease.” Jeffrey Lowden, MBA • … [Read more...]