Rural Nevada: Independent Spirit Alive and Well

Rural Nevada seems to be rebounding in most communities that were hit the hardest, and recovering in a very positive manner.

Nevada’s rural economies are microcosms of the state’s economy, each with its own characteristics, strengths and weaknesses. While the rest of the country experienced the economic downturn, several of Nevada’s northeastern rural counties barely even blinked. As the economy dove and gold prices rose, mining counties like Elko are just now catching their breath as rapid growth … [Read more...]

Shelley Hartmann: Mineral County Economic Development Authority, HWY 95 RDA

Meet Shelley Hartmann: Shareholder, Mineral County Economic Development Authority, HWY 95 RDA

Executive Director Hawthorne How did you first get into your profession? In 1986 when Lincoln County needed an economic development coordinator, I applied. I was working at the newspaper at that time. My background was in art and business and I was a counselor at Caliente Youth Center. I wasn’t afraid of new things and no one knew at the time what economic development … [Read more...]

Nevada Executives Speak Out: Power Poll 2013

Nevada Power Poll 2013 - executives are beginning to see a light at the end of the tunnel.

As the Silver State struggles to pull itself out of the worst recession many Nevadans have seen in their lifetime, executives are beginning to see a light at the end of the tunnel. This year marks the eleventh annual Power Poll wherein Nevada Business Magazine asked executives throughout the state to speak up on issues that affect their businesses. This year’s poll illustrates … [Read more...]

December 2012: Around the State

December 2012: Around the State

Henderson Receives Award for Energy Efficiency The City of Henderson has been awarded the Energy Project of the Year in Region V for its city-wide, multi-phase energy savings performance contract (ESPC) with Ameresco. The award was conferred from the Association of Energy Engineers (AEE). The $23 million ESPC was implemented in 2006 and is a combination of energy conservation … [Read more...]

Nevada Money Should Stay in Nevada: Time to Reform the Contracting Process

Lyle Brennan

In Governor Brian Sandoval’s State of the State speech, he encouraged everyone to “shop Nevada first” and said Nevada should make “supporting private sector job creation a way of life for all government agencies.” I heartily endorse both these ideas, but the state has a long way to go to prove its support for homegrown businesses. For example, did you know that when Nevada … [Read more...]

Rural Nevada: Unique Opportunities in Unique Communities


The answer to how to succeed in business without really trying is not as complex as you may think. Business owners should tune their ears in to what is happening in rural Nevada. They may be pleasantly surprised at all they will learn ranging from the mining boom in Elko to the interesting products that are made in Nevada. “Every rural community in Nevada is unique in character … [Read more...]

Financing: It’s a Jungle Out There

A year ago, Ed Brown said Nevada’s business financing picture in 2010 was the worst he’d seen in his 35 years of administering small business loans for the U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA), describing it as “a bad time” and “depressing.” Minimal loans of any kind were being made. Funds were being pieced together from various sources. Some groups had no money to … [Read more...]

Rural Nevada: Micro-Economies in a Macro State

While Nevada is one of the hardest hit states and still battling its way back from the recent great recession, the Nevada economy is made up of micro-economies.  The state as a whole saw 13.2 percent unemployment in March, but the rate varies by county.  At first glance, it might be assumed that Nevada’s rural communities are struggling harder than the metro areas, that’s not … [Read more...]