Hospice Collecting School Supplies for Students in Need

Nathan Adelson Hospice locations will serve as drop-off points to collect school supplies for local elementary students. The hospice will be collecting supplies for students at Robert L. Taylor and Sunrise Acres elementary schools. The drive continues until Aug. 18. “Many schools unfortunately suffer from a lack of funding, and a large number of students… [More...]

Court of Appeals: Timely Justice to Nevadans and their Businesses

Adding a Court of Appeals would have minimal fiscal impact on Nevada.

Nevada’s Supreme Court has been overburdened for decades as it struggles to provide the public with speedy access to justice in the face of an ever growing population. The increasing backlog of cases is prolonging justice in Nevada. Currently, 56 percent of all appeals require more than six months to be heard, with 29 percent… [More...]

Jeffrey Silver Named To Chambers USA 2014

Gordon Silver is pleased to announce that Jeffrey A. Silver has been named in Chambers USA 2014 list in Gaming and Licensing.  He has been categorized in the highly selective “Band 1” for Nevada. “I am pleased to be recognized by this prestigious publication,” Silver said. “It is also an honor to be listed with… [More...]

Improvements Coming to East Downtown in Reno

Reno’s East Fourth Street will be transformed during the second annual Positively 4th Street Better Block Project event. Considered “the gateway” to downtown Reno, Fourth Street is home to several historical properties but is in need of upgrades and repair. Local businesses are looking to spruce up the area through landscaping, adding a two-way bicycle lane, re-striping traffic… [More...]

Kaempfer Crowell Hires Award-Winning Attorneys to Lead New Bankruptcy Practice

RENO, Nev. – Nevada law firm Kaempfer Crowell announced it has hired award-winning Reno bankruptcy attorneys Janet Chubb and Louis Bubala to lead the firm’s new bankruptcy practice. Kaempfer Crowell, which already provides attorneys in a wide range of practice areas, including employment, business and aviation law, hired Chubb and Bubala as a result of… [More...]

Seven Pitfalls To Avoid When Negotiating Business Contracts

Avoid these seven pitfalls when negotiating business contracts.

1) Letters of Intent A “non-binding” letter of intent is commonly pursued when parties begin business discussions. Unfortunately, if one of the parties has a change of heart, the letter of intent may work against those who attempt to walk away. Certain phrases can cause the letter of intent to mean more than was originally… [More...]

Legal Opinions 2013

Legal Opinions is an invaluable tool for business professionals and certainly an issue to keep on the shelf for future reference.

Attorneys, like doctors, have highly specialized skills that are in high demand, especially in today’s increasingly legalistic world. The following pages feature a special report that gives the reader the opportunity to receive legal advice at a fraction of the cost (in essence 100 percent off the lawyer’s normal rates). The following pages offer free… [More...]

Chapter 11 for Individuals: Three Key Differences from Business Reorganizations

Chapter 11 is primarily a vehicle for businesses to reorganize, but can also be utilized by individuals.

Chapter 11 is primarily a vehicle for businesses to reorganize, but can also be utilized by individuals (i) who have debts that exceed the limits for “wage earner” repayment plans under Chapter 13; and/or (ii) earn too much to be eligible for a Chapter 7 liquidation. For example, Chapter 13 is only available to debtors… [More...]

Estate Tax Changes Require Immediate Attention

Few people are aware that as a result of “fiscal cliff” negotiations Congress also enacted permanent changes to the federal estate tax and gift tax laws.

Many people likely recall Congress’ so-called “fiscal cliff” negotiations at the end of 2012, which resulted in a great deal of commotion regarding changes to the income tax. Most of us have encountered these changes to some degree, but fewer people are probably aware that as a result of the “fiscal cliff” negotiations Congress also… [More...]

Campaign Finances — But I want to Give More! The Struggle between the First Amendment and Corruption

The Struggle between the First Amendment and Corruption in Campaign Finances

“I am not a crook.” In the wake of violations in the Watergate Scandal, the Federal Election Commission (FEC) was created in 1974 to oversee and enforce campaign finance regulations and the Federal Election Campaign Act was amended to limit campaign contributions.  Two years after the Watergate scandal, the US Supreme Court in the case… [More...]

Preparing for the Affordable Care Act

In preparing for the Affordable Care Act, businesses should start their compliance efforts by taking the following steps.

No issue in last five years has been as polarizing as health care reform. Baring a repeal of the law, however, ACA will forever change the way Americans obtain health insurance coverage, access health care services and view the health care system. For businesses, understanding and complying with ACA will soon become a reality of… [More...]

Legal Remedies to False On-Line Attacks by Customers or Clients

When unhappy customers post false online attacks, your reputation – and business – can suffer.

Your customers are talking about you – and the whole world is listening: “Total rip-off!” “Terrible customer relations.” “Completely botched it and charged me twice as much as quoted.” When unhappy customers post these types of comments (or worse) about your business on-line, your reputation – and business – can suffer. For most businesses, especially… [More...]

Homeowner’s Bill of Rights

On October 1, 2013, Nevada’s Senate Bill 321, or what is commonly referred to as the Homeowner’s Bill of Rights (HBR), went into effect.

On October 1, 2013, Nevada’s Senate Bill 321, or what is commonly referred to as the Homeowner’s Bill of Rights (HBR), went into effect. The HBR applies only to owner-occupied homes, and adds the following steps to the foreclosure process: No less than 30 days after a homeowner defaults, but at least 30 days before… [More...]

Legal Elite 2012: The Silver State’s Top Attorneys

Nevada Legal Elite 2012

The 2012 Legal Elite list represents attorneys that have received favorable reviews from the attorneys across the state they work with day-in and day-out. These are top attorneys in Nevada as voted by their peers. The list this year includes the top 150 Southern Nevada attorneys, the top 75 Northern Nevada attorneys, the 50 best… [More...]