How Nevada Stacks Up 2014

The numbers are in and most data indicates that Nevada is making economic progress in recovering from the depths of the recession.

The numbers are in and most data indicates that Nevada is making economic progress in recovering from the depths of the recession.  The state’s unemployment rate, while still high, is lower than it was a year ago, the housing market is up, and tourism numbers are slightly higher.  This weak and prolonged recovery is taking… [More...]

‘Reading Rainbow’ Not Just About Books: One-Time Children’s Show Teaches About Free Markets

Ask people in today’s workforce about “Reading Rainbow” and they’re likely to have either been viewers themselves or raised children who reaped its educative benefits. For over a quarter century, the publicly funded television show worked to instill a love of reading within countless children, but in 2009, the show was abruptly canceled by PBS.… [More...]

February 2014: Around the State

Read business new from around Nevada for February 2014.

Sunrise Health Hospitals and H2U Partner to Open Health Centers for Employees Sunrise Health Hospitals and Health to You (H2U) have partnered to open three H2U health centers for hospital employee and dependents, approximately 8,855 individuals. MountainView and Southern Hills centers opened in January with the final clinic at the Sunrise and Sunrise Children’s Hospital… [More...]

Industry Focus: Education

The Nevada education system has overcome a multitude of hurdles in recent years. Even so, the system still has a long way to go.

From kindergarten to college graduation, Nevada’s education system has overcome a multitude of hurdles in recent years. Even so, the system still has a long way to go. Coming together to discuss issues Nevada faces in regards to education, a combination of business leaders, economic development resources and leaders in education recently met at the… [More...]

Killing Jobs to Pay for Education: Nevada’s Free Margin Tax Initiative… Won’t be Free

The Free Margin Tax initiative will be on the 2014 ballot in Nevada. If you’re not familiar with the initiative, you should be.

Since Nevada’s legislature chose to take no action on the Free Margin Tax initiative by the March 15th deadline, this important state issue has been automatically passed on to the 2014 ballot. This means Nevada voters will decide whether or not we need a Free Margin Tax. If you’re not familiar with the initiative, you… [More...]

Commentary: Want America’s best teachers?

Pay the exceptionally effective exceptionally well. Academic achievement, secondary school graduation and college entrance rates are alarmingly low in Nevada. And required remediation, for those few who do go to college, is dismayingly high. These conditions place Nevada at the bottom of national and international education measures. While pockets of promise exist among charter schools… [More...]

Creating New Opportunities: Executive Education in Nevada

Nevada offers various executive educations opportunities, from courses to degrees designed specifically for middle to upper management.

In today’s competitive job market and with evolving technologies, it’s not unusual for corporate executives to pursue additional education, whether to increase their knowledge in specific areas, update or acquire skills, discover new trends or even learn new management styles. Nevada offers various academic opportunities, from courses to degrees, some of them new, designed specifically… [More...]

Partnerships Wanted: Education Outlook

Nevada Education Outlook: Partnerships Wanted

It would be cynical to say that the future of education in Nevada hinges on money. After all, doesn’t just about everything? Instead, education’s future across the Silver State will have more to do with utility: giving students better tools with which to achieve success, and the private sector, the trained and educated workforce, managers… [More...]

Education Outlook: Weathering the Storm

Nevada's Education Outlook

Against a persistent backdrop of brutal budget cuts, shrinking revenues and heightened expectations, K-12 educators in Nevada continue to explore and implement innovative solutions to the challenges they face in the state’s schools. [More...]

If You Can Read This, Thank a Teacher

Lyle Brennan

Would you take a job that pays less than comparable positions, requires you to supervise unruly individuals without the authority to discipline them and results in your being blamed when other people don’t take care of their responsibilities?  And yet, that’s what teachers do, because they want to make sure that our children get the… [More...]

Industry Focus: Education

Consistently ranking low on national indicators, education in Nevada is among business leaders’ and economic development professional’s biggest concerns.  Recently, executives representing this challenging industry met at the law offices of Holland & Hart in Las Vegas to discuss ways in which to improve Nevada’s education. Connie Brennan, publisher of Nevada Business Magazine, served as… [More...]

Increasing Student Achievement: Sandoval and Bush Work to Bring Florida-Style Education Reforms to Nevada

It’s easy to be cynical about education and education-reform efforts in Nevada.  For decades, we’ve known that Nevada’s education system needs dramatic improvement. And for decades, unions, led by the Nevada State Education Association, have told Nevadans that spending more money would improve our schools. Thus, spend we have. Over the last 50 years, Nevada… [More...]