A Piece of Nevada’s Pie: The View from Reno’s Mayoral Office

In November of this year, my term will end as Reno Mayor, a role I’ve served in for more than a decade. Naturally, I’ve fielded the “what are you most proud of?” questions a lot lately.

A good friend of mine, former Nevada Governor Mike O’Callaghan, once told me: “Don’t try to get the whole pie. Get a piece of the pie. Maybe later you can get another piece of the pie.” That philosophy — that you’re only as good as the whole — is one that I’ve followed religiously during my time in public office, whether it be as City of Reno Mayor (2002-present), Lieutenant … [Read more...]

Why Government Shouldn’t Pick Winners and Losers: City Council Considering Plan to Subsidize Private Arena Developer

Imagine watching an NBA game. With the Los Angeles Lakers leading the Boston Celtics 95 to 82 in the fourth quarter, the referees stop the game and award the Celtics 15 of the Lakers’ points and make the score 97 to 80 with the Celtics now leading. That would be outrageous and unjust, wouldn’t it? The Lakers earned their points, and it would be wrong for the … [Read more...]