Industry Focus: Power Women

A group of Nevada’s power women recently met at the offices of Gordon Silver to discuss the trends and obstacles facing their industry.

Women executives are no longer a novelty in board rooms. They represent a growing percentage of businesses across the state. Nevertheless, women face a unique set of challenges and many believe the glass ceiling has not yet shattered. Recently, a group of successful female executives met at the Las Vegas offices of Gordon Silver to discuss issues facing women in … [Read more...]

Fueling Our Future

Regional Transportation Commission of Southern Nevada to support legislation to index the fuel tax to inflation in Clark County for three years.

As Southern Nevada rebounds from the recession, it has become a community that is much more engaged and collaborative with the goal of making the Valley a better and more vibrant metropolis. Businesses, local governments and community organizations work together, now more than ever, to help improve, grow and diversify our economy. This spirit of collaboration, genuine love … [Read more...]

Partnerships Wanted: Education Outlook

Nevada Education Outlook: Partnerships Wanted

It would be cynical to say that the future of education in Nevada hinges on money. After all, doesn’t just about everything? Instead, education’s future across the Silver State will have more to do with utility: giving students better tools with which to achieve success, and the private sector, the trained and educated workforce, managers and entrepreneurs it will need to … [Read more...]

2011 Legislative Session in Review: How Nevada’s Commercial Real Estate Industry Fared this Year

Each year, lobbyists flock to Carson City to push or fight legislation that stands to impact their clients’ businesses. Representatives from every sector across the state work tirelessly to ensure their voice is heard. Always present but often behind the scenes are the advocates for Nevada’s commercial real estate industry - the hardest hit sector in the great recession. This … [Read more...]