Hospitals in Nevada: An Industry in Transition

Hospital administrators are working very closely with purchasers of care and insurance carriers, to needs while striving to be competitive with costs.

Some things that don’t change in healthcare: the importance of patient outcome, patient experience, patient compliance and patient ability to pay for services. Other things in healthcare are changing rapidly: bio-engineered medications to treat specific patients, imaging devices take the place of exploratory surgery, the model for healthcare, the way hospitals are reimbursed … [Read more...]

Saint Mary’s Regional Medical Center: Established in 1877

Saint Mary’s began its legacy of caring for the community in 1877, when a few Dominican Sisters made an unplanned stop in Reno, on their journey from California to Kentucky. The Sisters stayed in Reno and built Mount Saint Mary’s Academy to bring education to the children of farmers and miners in the area. The academy would eventually become Sisters’ Hospital, as the rapidly … [Read more...]

May 2012: Around the State

Around-the-State: Nevada

The Learning Center Offers “Green” Computing Classes The Learning Center has entered into a training agreement with the Nevada State Energy Sector Partnership to offer “Green IT” classes to employers at no cost. The training is offered under a grant from the U.S. Department of Labor’s Employment and Training Division for the purpose of improving existing worker skills through … [Read more...]