Hospitals in Nevada: An Industry in Transition

Hospital administrators are working very closely with purchasers of care and insurance carriers, to needs while striving to be competitive with costs.

Some things that don’t change in healthcare: the importance of patient outcome, patient experience, patient compliance and patient ability to pay for services. Other things in healthcare are changing rapidly: bio-engineered medications to treat specific patients, imaging devices take the place of exploratory surgery, the model for healthcare, the way hospitals are reimbursed for services.… [More...]

March 2014: Around the State

Read business news from around Nevada for March 2014.

Las Vegas Metro Chamber Joins the Board of the USTA The Las Vegas Metro Chamber has become the first metropolitan chamber of commerce in the nation to join the board of the United States Travel Association (USTA). The move signals the increased involvement of the chamber in travel and tourism. The USTA engages in a range… [More...]

Healthcare Heroes 2013

View the Nevada Healthcare Heroes 2013 honorees and sponsors. Over 160 Healthcare Heroes have been honored and thousands donated to Nevada schools.

The Healthcare Heroes Legacy Now in its eighth year, Healthcare Heroes began with the dual goal of honoring individuals that excel in healthcare and helping fund scholorships for Nevada’s future healthcare educators. After realizing there wasn’t a program in place to honor individuals that have done amazing things to propel healthcare in the Silver State,… [More...]

March 2013: Around the State

Around-the-State: Nevada

Southern Nevada Regional Coalition Launches Southern Nevada Strong The Southern Nevada Regional Planning Coalition (SNRPC) has launched a large-scale regional project called Southern Nevada Strong. Between now and 2015, the project will conduct in-depth research and community engagement efforts to propose collaborative solutions to issues facing Southern Nevada. The project is funded by a $3.5… [More...]

Healthcare Check-Up: Meeting the New Challenges


There’s no shortage of uncertainty swirling around Nevada’s healthcare industry: from the challenges of the local and national economies to insurance regulations and the implications – even the contours and very existence — of Obamacare. The outlook, however, is decidedly optimistic. And with good reason. “One of the advantages of healthcare is that it’s been… [More...]

Healthcare Heroes 2012


Healthcare Heroes began in 2006 as a way to help address the then critical shortage of healthcare educators in Nevada. Today, the event has become a statewide fixture in the hearts and minds of Nevada’s healthcare stakeholders. The program has a two-fold purpose that has remained unchanged in the seven years since the inaugural event.… [More...]

Medical Marvels: Nevada’s Top Physicians


Doctors in Nevada face many challenges including overcoming past perceptions of the healthcare industry in this state. However, with new centers opening, new procedures being used and new technologies moving to the state, Nevada’s doctors are changing that perception to instead make the state known for its excellence and compassionate care. While those not directly… [More...]