Smith’s to Raise Funds for St. Rose Dominican Hospital

Smith’s Food & Drug Stores is at it again. On April 14, Smith’s will begin its fourth annual fundraising campaign to benefit the St. Rose Dominican Health Foundation Charity Care Program. Through May 17, Smith’s customers are invited to join store associates in fundraising efforts throughout Southern Nevada and Northern Arizona, including Las Vegas, North Las Vegas, … [Read more...]

North Las Vegas’ Eminent Domain Scheme: Well-Meaning, but Dangerous

North Las Vegas' eminent domain is wrong on so many levels. It violates the Nevada Property Owners’ Bill of Rights.

San Francisco-based Mortgage Resolution Partners (MRP) has been pitching a scheme to get distressed cities to use their right of eminent domain to seize underwater homes and pay MRP to help restructure the mortgages. They tried and failed in several cities before finding a receptive audience in North Las Vegas. Naturally, city officials want to help their constituents, who have … [Read more...]

Several Prominent Companies Have Been Approved for Incentives in Nevada

Nevada Business Press Releases for March 21st

The Las Vegas Global Economic Alliance Announces Several Prominent Companies Have Been Approved for Incentives in Nevada (Las Vegas – March 21, 2013) -- The Governor's Office of Economic Development Board for Nevada approved a series of incentives today for companies planning to relocate or expand into Southern Nevada. Cumulatively, the seven applications could generate more … [Read more...]

Getting There: Transportation in Nevada

Transportation in Nevada

Nevada is a hub state, with easy access and distribution from both ends of the state to the Western states. Northern Nevada offers access by roadways, railways and an international airport as well as additional airports in surrounding areas. Southern Nevada offers ground access to Los Angeles, Phoenix, Salt Lake City and points south. The state’s business friendly tax climate … [Read more...]

Filmmaking in Nevada: Lights, Camera, Action!


Level Playing Field isn’t the name of a new big-budget film -- but it is the dramatic ending that moviemakers are hoping for in order to bring their production companies to Nevada. And the economic payoff if the state provides that level playing field could well prove to be a blockbuster. While just about anyone can name off the top of his head a bunch of movies filmed … [Read more...]

Young Executives: Nevada’s Future


After finishing graduate school, Nevada resident, Adam Kramer, launched his own business, I Am America, which provided online video content for companies. Four years later, his wife landed an opportunity in Las Vegas, and the couple relocated to the city from Los Angeles. Kramer sold his business and found a job with the Las Vegas Chamber of Commerce as the director of its … [Read more...]

Park Place Infiniti to sponsor event to benefit The Adoption Exchange


LAS VEGAS – Park Place Infiniti is proud to announce that the dealership will be the official “Park Place” sponsor of The Adoption Exchange’s upcoming fundraising event, “A Monopolizing Evening, Monopoly® to Benefit The Adoption Exchange” on Friday, Nov. 2, at 6 p.m., at the Culinary Academy of Las Vegas located at 710 W. Lake Mead Blvd., in North Las Vegas. A non-profit … [Read more...]

The Survivors: Builders and Developers in Nevada


The economic downturn in 2007 left both residential and commercial developers and builders in the Silver State scrambling for work. Many were forced to downsize their staffs, and some even closed their doors. “Since 2008, the development business has been a fraction of what it was,” said Doug Kiersey, president of Dermody Properties, a Reno-based industrial … [Read more...]

Back to Schools You Wouldn’t Choose: Nevada parents have been left behind in the school-choice movement

As Nevada’s children return to school this fall, many parents will again be frustrated, recognizing that their children will be relegated to sub-standard education. Parents who can’t afford to live in the wealthy neighborhoods that host the best public schools, and who can’t afford private-school tuition, will discover that the educational opportunities available to their … [Read more...]

North Las Vegas Refuses to Bow Down to Union Pressure

Lyle Brennan

The North Las Vegas City Council made a courageous move on June 1 by standing up to the powerful public employee unions and giving the city manager the authority to discard portions of collective bargaining agreements in order to prevent devastating layoffs. The firefighters and police unions had negotiated generous contracts with the city when property taxes were high and … [Read more...]