“Giving Gene” Alive in Las Vegas and Beyond

Study found that despite the effects of the Great Recession and the housing slump, the “giving gene” remains intact, and active, in Las Vegas and beyond.

Focus Financial Partners|UBS Financial Services Inc. Reports that Recovery Has Helped Charitable Giving in Valley LAS VEGAS — UBS Wealth Management Americas http://www.ubs.com/us/en/wealth.html released its quarterly UBS Investor Watch report in November of 2014, “Doing Well At Doing Good,” which explores wealthy investors’ giving habits. The study found that despite the … [Read more...]

Dermody Properties

When businessman John Dermody accepted the Nevada franchise for the Philco Appliance Company and relocated his family to Reno in 1950, little did anyone suspect that this move would be the catalyst that created a successful industrial development company, Dermody Properties. Appliances after World War II were like cell phones are today… consumers couldn’t get enough of them. … [Read more...]