SB 483: The Facts You Need

SB 483: Nevada's Tax Plan, The Facts You Need

When originally introduced, SB 483 was Governor Sandoval’s bill to make the sunset taxes from prior sessions permanent, to increase the cigarette tax and eliminate the pre-payment of the net proceeds of minerals tax. The bill was further amended by the Assembly to incorporate the Governor’s modified tax plan in the bill. At that point, the bill only required a Senate majority … [Read more...]

Nevada Taxes Reaching Deeper

In total, Governor Brian Sandoval’s plan would raise more than $1 billion in new taxes.

Hall of Fame baseball player Yogi Berra once said it is deja vu all over again. He wasn’t wrong if he was describing Nevada politics and biennial efforts to create a tax code that can better withstand economic recessions. Nevada lawmakers have recently been debating another proposed tax increase geared towards adding funds to the state’s woeful educational system. In total, … [Read more...]

Are You Optimistic That Our Legislators Will Work Together This Session?

Six Nevada executives share whether or not they are optimistic that our legislators will work together this session.

“I am optimistic they will come together. Once the session commences, the realization usually sets in, that they were elected to do the people’s business and most understand that involves compromise.” Carole Vilardo | President, Nevada Taxpayers Association - “With internal leadership struggles appearing to now be behind us, policymakers can now get down to business and … [Read more...]

The Margin Tax Proposal: Initiative will Kill Business in Nevada

Unlike a corporate income tax, the margin tax would be assessed on a company’s revenues, regardless of whether it was making any profit.

As a Nevada business owner or executive, you’re probably hoping that 2014 will be the year our state finally climbs out of the depths of the recession, but the so-called “Education Initiative,” which will come before the voters on the November 2014 ballot, could spell the end of any hopes for economic recovery. It has the potential to kill business in our state. Here’s a … [Read more...]

Getting It Done: The 2013 Legislative Session

Getting It Done: The 2013 Legislative Session

The 77th regular legislative session starts in Carson City on February 4, 2013. What major issues will be coming down the pipeline in 2013? How will issues discussed and laws passed in the upcoming session affect Nevada in the future? What part will a freshman Legislature play and what challenges will lawmakers face? The Budget One of the biggest issues facing every … [Read more...]

Tax Issues: Beyond the Numbers


Taxes are on a lot of people’s minds this time of year. Taxes mean grumbling and money out of pockets and coffers, whether an individual’s or a business’. But taxes also mean services, at all levels of government, from federal to local. In the stressed and struggling Nevada economy, as tax season threatens on the horizon, there are inevitable questions. Is Nevada still … [Read more...]