Why Teachers are Leaving the Teachers Union

It’s easy to lump individuals together in a group based on one specific characteristic. How many people have been cut off in traffic by someone with a California license plate, and then blasted those “California drivers”? Generalizations are especially prevalent in politics. Who’s heard that rural Nevada is conservative, but Las Vegas is liberal? Or… [More...]

The Margin Tax Proposal: Initiative will Kill Business in Nevada

Unlike a corporate income tax, the margin tax would be assessed on a company’s revenues, regardless of whether it was making any profit.

As a Nevada business owner or executive, you’re probably hoping that 2014 will be the year our state finally climbs out of the depths of the recession, but the so-called “Education Initiative,” which will come before the voters on the November 2014 ballot, could spell the end of any hopes for economic recovery. It has… [More...]

Henderson Chamber supports SB161, AB208

Nevada Business Press Releases for March 27th

Chamber’s Legislative Committee also watching several other bills HENDERSON, Nev. – The Henderson Chamber of Commerce Legislative Committee is supporting Senate Bill 161 and Assembly Bill 208. It has also released an initial list of bills and BDRs (bill draft requests) it will be monitoring, the support of which committee members will decide on in the… [More...]

Getting It Done: The 2013 Legislative Session

Getting It Done: The 2013 Legislative Session

The 77th regular legislative session starts in Carson City on February 4, 2013. What major issues will be coming down the pipeline in 2013? How will issues discussed and laws passed in the upcoming session affect Nevada in the future? What part will a freshman Legislature play and what challenges will lawmakers face? The Budget… [More...]

Education Outlook: Weathering the Storm

Nevada's Education Outlook

Against a persistent backdrop of brutal budget cuts, shrinking revenues and heightened expectations, K-12 educators in Nevada continue to explore and implement innovative solutions to the challenges they face in the state’s schools. [More...]