Nevada Lawmakers Should Heed FHFA Warning When Addressing HOA Foreclosure Issue

If lawmakers don’t heed these warnings, FHFA officials have suggested that lenders could seriously curtail or even stop making mortgage loans in Nevada.

As the Nevada Legislature wraps up this month, state lawmakers will be addressing several issues important to homeowners and the local housing market. One of the most crucial, and perhaps most complex, deals with foreclosures by homeowner associations. Groups representing HOAs are fighting any legislation that could threaten or eliminate the so-called super priority lien … [Read more...]

Where’s Our Backbone? Speak Up Nevada!

The Las Vegas Metro Chamber of Commerce commissioned the Tax Foundation to prepare a review of Nevada’s tax system and recommend possible improvements.

No one seems to take a stand on political and social issues anymore. They don’t want to make waves or offend anybody. Maybe they’re afraid of being bullied, or in the case of politicians, they’re afraid that speaking out on an issue may alienate some voters. If they do take a stand, as soon as they get any negative feedback, they’re quick to reverse themselves or try to explain … [Read more...]

Nevada’s Utilities

A regulatory agency that ensures investor-owned utilities comply with laws enacted by the Nevada Legislature, the PUCN oversees a broad spectrum of entities

Utility movers and shakers in Nevada continue to be optimistic as they strategically manage new technologies, increased regulation, customer growth and a changing portfolio mix of options. Regulations A regulatory agency that ensures investor-owned utilities comply with laws enacted by the Nevada Legislature, the Public Utilities Commission of Nevada (PUCN) oversees a broad … [Read more...]

Nevada Homebuilders, Other Voices: Restore Balance, Fairness to Chapter 40

AB 125 will correct out-of-control housing defect litigation Las Vegas, NV –  This week the Nevada legislature is taking up meaningful reform of a broken “Chapter 40” construction defect law that is costly for homeowners and builders alike, the Nevada Home Builders Association reports. AB 125, strongly supported by the homebuilders and others, would restore the intent of … [Read more...]

What to Expect from Carson City in 2015:Republican Sweep Creates New Opportunities for Policy Reforms

The November wave that swept Republicans to victory not only solidified their control of the governor’s mansion but also saw them capture both chambers of the Nevada Legislature for the first time in 85 years. So now what? In the lifetime since Republicans last controlled the legislative process, liberal policies, decade after decade, have generated many problems for the … [Read more...]

Wage Insurers, Enforcers and a General Contractor’s Role

In 1931, the Nevada Legislature enacted a statute that made general contractors (GC) liable for the labor-related debt of their subcontractors. This statute, now codified as NRS 608.150, was set up to protect Hoover Dam workers to make sure they were properly compensated for their work. The statute ensures payment of not only wages, but also benefits. The legislature imposed … [Read more...]

Nevada State Bank: Established in 1959

Nevada State Bank (NSB), the largest state-chartered bank in Nevada, has grown along with the state for nearly 55 years, succeeding despite the economic challenges that managed to defeat many other financial institutions. Today, it operates 50 branches in 20 communities across the state, and has over $4 billion in assets. Beginnings: 1959-1979 In the late 1950s, a group of 12 … [Read more...]

Andrew Doughman Named Communications Director for Las Vegas Global Economic Alliance

The Las Vegas Global Economic Alliance announced that Andrew Doughman has been appointed to the position of Communications Director for the organization.

Las Vegas – The Las Vegas Global Economic Alliance announced that Andrew Doughman has been appointed to the position of Communications Director for the organization. Doughman, an experienced journalist, has written for the Las Vegas Sun, the Nevada News Bureau, the Seattle Times, the Orlando Sentinel, and the Spartanburg Herald-Journal.  A University of Washington graduate, … [Read more...]

Killing Jobs to Pay for Education: Nevada’s Free Margin Tax Initiative… Won’t be Free

The Free Margin Tax initiative will be on the 2014 ballot in Nevada. If you’re not familiar with the initiative, you should be.

Since Nevada’s legislature chose to take no action on the Free Margin Tax initiative by the March 15th deadline, this important state issue has been automatically passed on to the 2014 ballot. This means Nevada voters will decide whether or not we need a Free Margin Tax. If you’re not familiar with the initiative, you should be. If passed, a 2 percent margins tax would be … [Read more...]

Economic Development Leaders Urge Nevada Legislature to Pass AB 413

AB 413 would create jobs and put Southern Nevada on a level playing field (LAS VEGAS) – Today, economic development leaders from the Las Vegas Global Economic Alliance announced their support for AB 413, a bill currently being considered by the Nevada Legislature. AB 413 is enabling legislation that would give the Clark County Board of Commissioners the opportunity to … [Read more...]

Getting It Done: The 2013 Legislative Session

Getting It Done: The 2013 Legislative Session

The 77th regular legislative session starts in Carson City on February 4, 2013. What major issues will be coming down the pipeline in 2013? How will issues discussed and laws passed in the upcoming session affect Nevada in the future? What part will a freshman Legislature play and what challenges will lawmakers face? The Budget One of the biggest issues facing every … [Read more...]

Medical Community United on Medicaid Expansion


WHAT: Following a lunch and panel discussion on disaster preparedness, members of the Southern Nevada Medical Industry Coalition, representing hospitals, physicians and health care organizations throughout Nevada, will urge Governor Sandoval and the Nevada Legislature to adopt Medicaid expansion and accept federal funds to provide health care for thousands of Nevadans. With … [Read more...]

Question: Who are the good guys in construction defect lawsuits? Answer: Certainly not the lawyers.

R. Scott Rasmussen

In 1996, I came to Las Vegas, fresh out of law school as a new lawyer, trying to find a job and make a name for myself. With two small children, my wife and I saw Las Vegas as a great opportunity to lay down some roots. We saw Nevada as a great place for a lawyer fresh out of law school to start a career. One of my first projects was the representation of a local stucco … [Read more...]

Taxpayers Don’t Prevail: Nevada’s prevailing wage law benefits narrow groups at public expense

Imagine you’re a plumber living in Mesquite. For most jobs, you’d probably earn as much as a plumber living in nearby St. George, Utah — $19.67 per hour, on average, according to data from the U.S. Department of Labor. If you can get work on a public works project financed by Clark County or the State of Nevada in your hometown, however, your employer would be required to … [Read more...]

Series LLCs: Protect Your Investment

Series LLCs: Protect Your Investment

With home prices at historic lows, and mortgage interest rates around 4%, real estate investment is on the rise. If you own (or are considering owning) multiple rental properties, consider starting a series LLC (“Series LLC”) to maximize liability protection and save costs. Since the creation of limited liability companies (“LLCs”), an owner of multiple real estate … [Read more...]