Technology Trends in the Silver State

A major technological trend today is mobility, a bevy of technologies that not only allow us to connect to others and the Internet anywhere.

In December 2011, Frederick Cook and Kelly Eidson co-founded a business that aims to make moving one’s office or home a seamless, problem-free process. Using its proprietary technology, this Las Vegas firm acts as the intermediary between people who need moving services—truck rentals, full-service movers, pods, freight trailers and more—and the companies that provide those. … [Read more...]

Family Owned Businesses 2014

The backbone of the economy, family owned businesses are an integral part of Nevada’s economic landscape.

Congratulations to the 2014 Family Owned Business Finalists It isn’t easy running a business, especially a family-owned business. Late hours, little to no salary and foregoing vacations can sometimes be exacerbated by family squabbles and employees that know the boss just a little too well. Nevertheless, family-owned businesses are the backbone of Nevada’s economy. This … [Read more...]

Financing: It’s a Jungle Out There

A year ago, Ed Brown said Nevada’s business financing picture in 2010 was the worst he’d seen in his 35 years of administering small business loans for the U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA), describing it as “a bad time” and “depressing.” Minimal loans of any kind were being made. Funds were being pieced together from various sources. Some groups had no money to … [Read more...]