Office of Military Legal Assistance: Securing Justice for the Armed Forces at Home

It is the country’s duty to protect our servicemen, to promote their freedom and to ensure justice for them.

As a former Navy JAG and professor at the U.S. Naval Academy, I take to heart a popular Latin inscription in the Navy: “Non sib sed patriae.” It means, “Not for self, but for country.” That selfless mentality forged the collective courage of our graduates and service members of all stripes. Our military have sacrificed throughout their service for our families, communities and … [Read more...]

Downtown Summerlin Job Fair; Three Nonprofits Partner to Help Homeless Youth

Downtown Summerlin Announces Upcoming Job Fair The Howard Hughes Corporation (NYSE: HHC) announced details for the highly-anticipated job fair for Downtown Summerlin. Job seekers will be able to learn about and apply for jobs in the Summerlin Ballroom at Red Rock Resort on Wednesday, August 27 from 11am – 7pm. [Read More...] Three Nonprofits Work Together to Help Homeless … [Read more...]

D. Gary Longaker: Nevada Rural Housing Authority

Meet D. Gary Longaker, Executive Director, Nevada Rural Housing Authority.

Executive Director Carson City How did you first get into your profession? While attending college in 1973, I joined a National Guard unit. My Battalion Commander liked my organizational skills and hired me to work for a newly formed state housing financing agency in Oklahoma. What was the toughest lesson you’ve learned in your career? If you … [Read more...]

WestCare Foundation and UNLV to Host ‘From Their Point of View’ – National Guard & Reserve Post-Combat Conference

WestCare Foundation UNLV to Host Event Spotlighting Veteran Challenges

(Las Vegas) – Since 9/11, hundreds of thousand National Guard and Reserve Service Members have been called into active-duty, sacrificing the security of their civilian life and often returning home with a unique set of post-combat challenges. To shed light on this complex problem, WestCare Foundation and the University of Nevada, Las Vegas College of Education are co-sponsoring … [Read more...]