Legal Remedies to False On-Line Attacks by Customers or Clients

When unhappy customers post false online attacks, your reputation – and business – can suffer.

Your customers are talking about you – and the whole world is listening: “Total rip-off!” “Terrible customer relations.” “Completely botched it and charged me twice as much as quoted.” When unhappy customers post these types of comments (or worse) about your business on-line, your reputation – and business – can suffer. For most businesses, especially… [More...]

Preparing to Avoid the Biggest Threat to Your Business: Litigation

Left to right: John Steffen and Telia Williams

As a small business owner, avoiding the crippling dangers of litigation should be at the top of your list of priorities. Lawsuits are not only costly, but they can take you by surprise and take away your focus from one of your business’ most crucial tasks—your bottom line. There are several simple measures that every… [More...]