Closing the Digital Divide: Digital literacy is imperative for America’s economic future

Digital literacy is imperative for America’s economic future and possessing these skills is absolutely essential for accessing the jobs and education.

It’s likely that high level business executives, like those reading this article, have access to a broadband connection and are able to navigate to the very bowels of the Internet on their own computer or web enabled device any time they please. Step-away from this niche group momentarily and it’s not too shocking to learn that broadband adoption rates around the U.S. do not … [Read more...]

Senate Must Commit FCC Pick To TV Decency Enforcement

President’s pick must not allow nudity and profanity on public airways WASHINGTON, D.C. (May 1, 2013) – President Obama is set to announce lobbyist Tom Wheeler as his choice to lead the Federal Communications Commission (FCC). Wheeler will have no more important job than protecting children and families by enforcing current decency standards. The Senate Commerce Committee … [Read more...]