Personal Goals of High Net Worth Individuals; Desert Radiologists Receives ACR Award

Monthly Report Focused on “Personal Goals” of High Net Worth Individuals, Released by The Private Bank by Nevada State Bank The Private Bank by Nevada State Bank released the seventeenth edition of its High Net Worth Report series, with this month’s analysis focusing on the personal goals of high net worth individuals. [Read More...] Desert Radiologists Receives Prestigious … [Read more...]

Frank Gatski Featured In My Vegas Magazine’s Top 100 Men of Success

Frank Gatski was featured in My Vegas Magazine’s fall 2014 edition as one of the Top 100 Men of Success.

Frank Gatski, CEO of Gatski Commercial, was featured in My Vegas Magazine’s fall 2014 edition as one of the Top 100 Men of Success. My Vegas polled over 100,000 of its readers who then nominated and voted for these men of success. The members of this diverse group of men each dedicate their time to making charitable contributions to their communities, always giving more than … [Read more...]

So You’re Aging, Now What?

Age Management Medicine is another approach and interestingly it started right here in Nevada 15 years ago.

Many of you now reading this are over 40 and beginning to notice the signs of aging. You may have put on a few extra pounds, especially around the middle. You may notice that your energy is way down, stress is up and short term memory is declining (where did I leave those keys?) You may also have some trouble sleeping and can be a bit moody. Of course, it’s also concerning that … [Read more...]

Roadmap to Success workshop looks at health in the workplace

Robert DeMartino, D.C.

Henderson Chamber series welcomes Dr. Robert DeMartino May 23 HENDERSON, Nev.  – Robert DeMartino, D.C., clinic director of Superior Health Solutions, will present “Building a Healthy Company” during the Henderson Chamber of Commerce’s Roadmap to Success workshop from 7:30 to 9:30 a.m. Thursday, May 23, at the Henderson Business Resource Center, located at 112 S. Water St. … [Read more...]

Healthcare Check-Up: Meeting the New Challenges


There’s no shortage of uncertainty swirling around Nevada’s healthcare industry: from the challenges of the local and national economies to insurance regulations and the implications – even the contours and very existence -- of Obamacare. The outlook, however, is decidedly optimistic. And with good reason. “One of the advantages of healthcare is that it’s been projected … [Read more...]

Why Vote Against Obama? Eight Compelling Reasons

Lyle Brennan

Barack Obama was elected in 2008 with a message of hope and change. Unfortunately, the change we got was for the worse. There is little hope left that the country can pull itself out of the recession anytime soon, and we’re left hoping that the Middle East won’t erupt into flames that will consume us all. There are hundreds of reasons to vote for a change of administration in … [Read more...]

How We Stack Up: The Climb Back to the Top


It wasn't that long ago that Nevada was ranked No. 1 in growth - a title it held for several years.  We couldn't build houses, roads, schools or office complexes fast enough to accommodate all the people flocking here to cash in on the boom.  Now, like the rest of the nation, the Silver State is struggling to emerge from a recession that turned these statistics upside down. … [Read more...]

Healthcare Heroes 2012


Healthcare Heroes began in 2006 as a way to help address the then critical shortage of healthcare educators in Nevada. Today, the event has become a statewide fixture in the hearts and minds of Nevada’s healthcare stakeholders. The program has a two-fold purpose that has remained unchanged in the seven years since the inaugural event. It’s a vehicle to donate scholarship funds … [Read more...]

July 2012: Around the State

global Business Network

Nevada Healthcare Providers Receive Incentive Dollars for Electronic Health Records Under the Medicare and Medicaid Electronic Health Record (EHR) Incentive Programs, administrated by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) and the Office of the National Coordinator for Health Information Technology (ONC), 369 providers in Nevada have received $15,316,668 in … [Read more...]

Healthcare Heroes 2011


Healthcare Heroes began in 2006 as a way to help address the critical shortage of healthcare educators in Nevada. Today, the event has become a statewide fixture in the hearts and minds of Nevada’s healthcare stakeholders. The program has a two-fold purpose that has remained unchanged in the six years since the inaugural event. It’s a way to donate scholarship funds to Nevada … [Read more...]