Industry Focus: Alternative Energy

A group of Nevada’s alternative energy leaders recently met at the offices of City National Bank to discuss the trends and obstacles facing their industry.

Nevada’s alternative energy sector is changing with new projects and regulations as well as the buyout of Nevada’s major utility. Industry experts are expecting a resurgence of the industry as well as more conservation efforts. Recently, executives representing the alternative energy industry met at the Reno offices of City National Bank to discuss their changing … [Read more...]

Industry Focus: Alternative Energy

Nevada Industry Focus on Alternative Energy

Nevada’s alternative energy sector has seen a plethora of hills and valleys in recent years. From federal funding challenges to educating the general populace about alternative energy, the sector has seen its share of challenges. Recently, executives representing various alternative energy interests throughout the state met at the Reno offices of City National Bank to discuss … [Read more...]

Alternative Energy: Still Energetic?


With the economy still languishing and no dramatic change in sight, questions need to be asked: Is the green movement retaining the fervor it had seen in the past? Does alternative energy have a shot at becoming a diversifying factor for Nevada? How will the movement ultimately affect Nevada’s diversity base? Are the jobs there for the long run? Does the industry stand on its … [Read more...]