The Solution to Education: Do What Works

The Solution to Education: Do What Works

The Nevada State Government needs to stop throwing good money after bad; and, it should begin now. As business people, we have just a few days to affect our Nevada State Legislators and what they do, and do not, vote for. What do you plan to do? Sit back and be complacent and then suffer the consequences, or do you plan to be part of the solution? It seems government is … [Read more...]

The Emperor Has No Clothes: Businesses Must Speak Out on Governor’s Tax Plan!

So where are the organizations and businesses that came out so strongly committed to defeating the Gross Margins Tax?

Most of you remember the fable that tells of a leader who showed up naked, yet was so powerful that no one said a word. Our Governor has shown strong leadership during our state’s worst economic crisis and enjoys high ratings among Nevadans. However, his plan for imposing the highest tax in Nevada’s history leads me to believe he is either anti-business or simply doesn’t … [Read more...]

Nevada Homebuilders, Other Voices: Restore Balance, Fairness to Chapter 40

AB 125 will correct out-of-control housing defect litigation Las Vegas, NV –  This week the Nevada legislature is taking up meaningful reform of a broken “Chapter 40” construction defect law that is costly for homeowners and builders alike, the Nevada Home Builders Association reports. AB 125, strongly supported by the homebuilders and others, would restore the intent of … [Read more...]

Nevada Home Builders Association Commends Sandoval for Support of Construction Defect Reform

In his State of the State address, Governor Sandoval called on the Legislature to pass reasonable construction defect reforms, revive our housing market and bring new jobs to Nevadans.  As the Governor noted, much of the persistent unemployment in Nevada can be attributed to construction jobs which were cut in half in the last recession.  Simply getting housing construction … [Read more...]

What to Expect from Carson City in 2015:Republican Sweep Creates New Opportunities for Policy Reforms

The November wave that swept Republicans to victory not only solidified their control of the governor’s mansion but also saw them capture both chambers of the Nevada Legislature for the first time in 85 years. So now what? In the lifetime since Republicans last controlled the legislative process, liberal policies, decade after decade, have generated many problems for the … [Read more...]

Nevada’s Employment Landscape: Drawing on New Opportunities

At its peak, in October 2010, the state’s unemployment rate hit 13.8 percent, and activity in numerous sectors dropped drastically.

It’s been a while now since the start of the nation’s recession that so harshly impacted Nevada. At its peak, in October 2010, the state’s unemployment rate hit 13.8 percent, and activity in numerous sectors dropped drastically. About two years ago, Governor Sandoval called for the creation of 50,000 Nevada jobs by the end of 2014. Numerous organizations—for economic … [Read more...]

Medical Community United on Medicaid Expansion


WHAT: Following a lunch and panel discussion on disaster preparedness, members of the Southern Nevada Medical Industry Coalition, representing hospitals, physicians and health care organizations throughout Nevada, will urge Governor Sandoval and the Nevada Legislature to adopt Medicaid expansion and accept federal funds to provide health care for thousands of Nevadans. With … [Read more...]

Higher Education Collaborative

The Higher Education Collaborative was formed in Southern Nevada in 2010 with the aim of answering multiple needs for post-secondary education, the community, residents and the Valley’s economy. The organization is especially relevant today with the challenges to Nevada’s education. According to 2008 Census data, of the 1.4 million working age adults (24-65 years old), only … [Read more...]