Making Telecommuting and Flex Time Work

For many employees, flexible scheduling isn’t just a nice option to have. It’s a must-have, a benefit that can make a job worth taking — and keeping. As a result, more businesses are offering the option, and many are finding that there are advantages in telecommuting. The practice can reduce absenteeism, as bad weather or a mild cold won’t keep an employee from working … [Read more...]

The Right Person for the Right Job

Despite the number of people unemployed in the Silver State, hiring the right people for the right positions is important for employers.

What Employers are Offering to Find the Right Employees In January 2000, when unemployment in Nevada stood at 3.8 percent, everyone who wanted a job was working. Retention was key for businesses and if the quality employees that employers wanted to retain requested bright orange walls and a slide in the lunchroom, or wanted to work flex-time hours, employers did what they … [Read more...]