Banking In Nevada: Beginning to Flourish

Today’s banking industry in Nevada looks different from the industry five ago.

This year, Las Vegas-based Ear Nose & Throat Consultants of Nevada obtained financing from City National Bank for ground-up construction of a 13,000-square-foot surgery center. This is one of many Silver State businesses contributing to increased demand for banking services. “Businesses cannot ignore the need for growth now,” said John Wilcox, the Nevada regional … [Read more...]

Investing in this Economy

Nevada business owners and executives can feel good they are in a state that is growing again and in an economy that is expanding. As the economy continues to grind its way upward, a potential tailwind for stocks might be a great rotation out of bonds and into equities. The makings of this new trend began in 2013 but not on a grand scale. If corporate earnings can keep up … [Read more...]

It’s an Investment: Commercial Financing in Nevada

Investing in commercial real estate requires a number of considerations. In addition to location, location, location, another consideration is financing.

The construction industry continues to be the barometer for the severity of Nevada’s economic plight, but commercial real estate in particular is making enough improvement to spark interest from investors and private parties looking to benefit from the historically low interest rates. This means banks and other real estate lenders are revving up business again. Economic … [Read more...]

The Private Bank by Nevada State Bank releases latest High Net Worth Report focusing on municipal bonds

The Private Bank by Nevada State Bank released the 14th edition of its High Net Worth Report series, focusing on the municipal bond market.

LAS VEGAS – The tax-exempt status of many municipal bonds has made them an attractive investment alternative over the years, but recent trends have some investors rethinking their portfolio mix as rates are rising, bond prices are retreating and risk-reward profiles look different in 2014 than in 2013. The Private Bank by Nevada State Bank released the 14th edition of … [Read more...]