Denise A. Bradshaw, Esq.: Bradshaw Law LLC

Meet Denise A. Bradshaw, Esq., Owner and Founder of Bradshaw Law LLC.

Owner/Founder Elko How did you first get into your profession? After taking some paralegal courses right out of high school, I got a job as a legal receptionist in Reno. In pursuit of my dream, I attended Great Basin College at night, while working three jobs. After 8 years, I finally earned a four year BAS degree and was able to attend law … [Read more...]

Should judges be elected or appointed?

Should judges be elected or appointed? - Nevada Business Magazine

“Ever-growing judicial campaign finance coffers, endorsements from political groups and low voter turn-out in judicial elections all contribute to citizens’ lower confidence in the judiciary. Selecting our judges based on merit through a bipartisan commission and appointment process is crucial to a fair and impartial judiciary, and necessary to maintain our democratic … [Read more...]