Hospice Collecting School Supplies for Students in Need

Nathan Adelson Hospice locations will serve as drop-off points to collect school supplies for local elementary students. The hospice will be collecting supplies for students at Robert L. Taylor and Sunrise Acres elementary schools. The drive continues until Aug. 18. “Many schools unfortunately suffer from a lack of funding, and a large number of students can’t afford many … [Read more...]

Yellow Checker Star to Donate $5,000 to Benefit Injured U.S. Service Men and Women

WHO:              Yellow Checker Star and the Semper Fi Fund WHAT:           Yellow Checker Star, a leading taxicab company in Las Vegas, will donate $5,000 on June 24 to the Semper Fi Fund, a national nonprofit that provides financial assistance and lifetime support for wounded, critically ill and injured members of the U.S. armed forces and their families across the … [Read more...]

Following Florida: Why School Choice Should Top Lawmakers’ Education Agenda

Improving Nevada Education Through School Choice

School choice, not Pre-K, has raised Florida’s test scores In 1998, Florida and Nevada had the exact same score on the National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP) test for fourth grade reading. In 1999, however, Florida Gov. Jeb Bush instituted a series of reforms, including corporate tuition scholarships, vouchers, grading schools from A-F, ending social promotion … [Read more...]

Back to Schools You Wouldn’t Choose: Nevada parents have been left behind in the school-choice movement

As Nevada’s children return to school this fall, many parents will again be frustrated, recognizing that their children will be relegated to sub-standard education. Parents who can’t afford to live in the wealthy neighborhoods that host the best public schools, and who can’t afford private-school tuition, will discover that the educational opportunities available to their … [Read more...]

How We Stack Up: The Climb Back to the Top


It wasn't that long ago that Nevada was ranked No. 1 in growth - a title it held for several years.  We couldn't build houses, roads, schools or office complexes fast enough to accommodate all the people flocking here to cash in on the boom.  Now, like the rest of the nation, the Silver State is struggling to emerge from a recession that turned these statistics upside down. … [Read more...]

Learning Something New: Executive Education in Nevada


One of the goals in Nevada as the economy is rebuilt is to create and foster a culture of education in the state. A vibrant economy requires a skilled, trained, well educated workforce which acts as a draw for entrepreneurs, businesses that look to relocate from other states and those that want to expand within Nevada’s borders. Like all facets of education, post-secondary … [Read more...]

Increasing Student Achievement: Sandoval and Bush Work to Bring Florida-Style Education Reforms to Nevada

It’s easy to be cynical about education and education-reform efforts in Nevada.  For decades, we’ve known that Nevada’s education system needs dramatic improvement. And for decades, unions, led by the Nevada State Education Association, have told Nevadans that spending more money would improve our schools. Thus, spend we have. Over the last 50 years, Nevada has nearly … [Read more...]

A Model of Failure: A New Study Exposes the Law Behind Nevada’s Educational Woes

If you were to build a business enterprise from scratch, you’d likely consider a number of different models — various ways to strike a proper balance between necessarily competing objectives. For example, while you would probably seek to offer competitive salaries or wages to your employees, you would also be mindful of the need to limit your overhead costs. Your goal, … [Read more...]

Education Outlook: Slashed Budgets and Failing Grades

A year ago, the Silver State was ranked 50th in the nation for the quality of its public K-12 education, in an Education Week survey, and was reeling from monumental budget cuts for K-12 and higher education for the 2009-10 biennium that few felt we could recover from. Now, a year later, Nevadans face even greater cuts, totaling 29 percent from higher education, and 27 … [Read more...]