Industry Focus: Power Women

A group of Nevada’s power women recently met at the offices of Gordon Silver to discuss the trends and obstacles facing their industry.

Women executives are no longer a novelty in board rooms. They represent a growing percentage of businesses across the state. Nevertheless, women face a unique set of challenges and many believe the glass ceiling has not yet shattered. Recently, a group of successful female executives met at the Las Vegas offices of Gordon Silver to discuss… [More...]

Industry Focus: Alternative Energy

A group of Nevada’s alternative energy leaders recently met at the offices of City National Bank to discuss the trends and obstacles facing their industry.

Nevada’s alternative energy sector is changing with new projects and regulations as well as the buyout of Nevada’s major utility. Industry experts are expecting a resurgence of the industry as well as more conservation efforts. Recently, executives representing the alternative energy industry met at the Reno offices of City National Bank to discuss their changing industry. Connie… [More...]

Industry Focus: Attorneys

Recently, a group of Nevada attorneys met at the offices of First Security Bank to discuss the trends and challenges facing their industry.

The Nevada legal industry has been witness to a multitude of changes in recent years and has had the difficult job of protecting their clients in trying times. From a recession to a slow recovering economy and the integration of new technologies, attorneys in the Silver State have learned to be ready for anything. Recently,… [More...]

Industry Focus: Alternative Energy

Nevada Industry Focus on Alternative Energy

Nevada’s alternative energy sector has seen a plethora of hills and valleys in recent years. From federal funding challenges to educating the general populace about alternative energy, the sector has seen its share of challenges. Recently, executives representing various alternative energy interests throughout the state met at the Reno offices of City National Bank to… [More...]

Industry Focus: Media

Discussion on Media in Nevada

Recently, executives representing various media outlets met at the Las Vegas offices of City National Bank to discuss changes in media and what the future of the industry could look like.

Cory Cuddeback, Beasley Broadcasting • Tom Porterfield, ABC Channel 13; Lisa Howfield, NBC Channel 3; Jerry McKenna, CBS Radio • Tom Axtell, PBS Channel 10 • Emily Neilson, CBS Channel 8; Connie Brennan, Nevada Business Magazine • Larry Charlton, City National Bank [More...]

Staffing Firms


Nevada’s Staffing Firms have had front row seats to one of the most troubling aspects of this economy: unemployment. Despite that, they have found more and more employers are hiring and a demand for skilled workforce has remained strong. Recently, executives representing this industry met at Holland & Hart’s Las Vegas office to discuss staffing… [More...]

What notable Nevada figure do you most admire and why?

Six executives share their answers:

Chris Ferrari • President, Ferrari Public Affairs; Michael Boychuck • Owner, COLOR, AMP and PRIMP; Steve Johnson • Branch Manager, Raymond James Financial Services, Inc.; Connie Brennan • Publisher, Nevada Business Magazine; Michael Berk • Chief Creative Officer and Executive Producer, Players Network; Robert A. Massi • Owner, Robert A. Massi & Associates [More...]