Getting Out: The Financial Planning Features of a Business Exit Strategy

If an IPO is used as an exit strategy, it is important for ownership to begin planning for it right from the start and include it in the business plan.

Starting a business takes a large amount of planning. But after the business plan is completed, retail or office space is rented and employees are hired, many entrepreneurs have neglected one crucial question: When the time comes, how will they exit their business? When owners are immersed in the details of building a business, it’s difficult to imagine selling it or giving … [Read more...]

Cornerstone Retirement Hosts Maximize Your Social Security Income Benefits Event

Nevada Business Press Releases for March 11th

Join leading industry expert Chris Abts to learn the strategies that may help you maximize your benefits- (Reno, Nev.) Chris Abts, President of Cornerstone Retirement, a northern Nevada based full-service financial planning firm, will host two free education events discussing maximizing Social Security Income benefits. The event will take place Wednesday, March 27, and … [Read more...]

Chris Abts: Cornerstone Retirement


President & Founder Reno Number of Employees: 5 Years in Nevada: 18 Years with Company: 8 If you could be another person for a day, who would you be? Why? If I could, I would be Thomas Jefferson for a day. It would be incredible to be a part of the Founding Fathers and to have direct impact on the founding of the United States of America. I’d love to take part in … [Read more...]

Industry Focus: Investment Firms


The financial services industry has experienced a few rough years but, like many other industries, is beginning to see a bit of a turn-a-round. With individuals beginning to show an interest in wise investments and a slow unclenching of funds, the financial industry is poised for a good year. Connie Brennan, publisher of Nevada Business Magazine, served as moderator for the … [Read more...]