Industry Focus: Attorneys

Recently, a group of Nevada attorneys met at the offices of First Security Bank to discuss the trends and challenges facing their industry.

The Nevada legal industry has been witness to a multitude of changes in recent years and has had the difficult job of protecting their clients in trying times. From a recession to a slow recovering economy and the integration of new technologies, attorneys in the Silver State have learned to be ready for anything. Recently, a group of Nevada attorneys met at the offices of … [Read more...]

Volunteers needed to help foster children with disabilities in local schools

Nevada Business Press Releases for February 19th

Orientation/training on February 20, 2013 LAS VEGAS – Some of the most vulnerable children – children in the foster care system with disabilities – need someone to make sure they get necessary services to excel in school. A six-year-old program is providing that support but needs more volunteers to meet the growing demand for children who have no one else to help them in … [Read more...]

Pro Bono Attorneys: Changing Lives One at a Time

Barbara Buckley

Mary was excited to be pregnant. She adored her young child and was thrilled at the prospect of having another. One day, she experienced a pain and went to the emergency room. Unfortunately, she miscarried. She then developed sepsis and lost both her arms and legs. Despite this tragic development, she worked on getting her strength back. Mary bonded with the nurses at the … [Read more...]