Office Summary: First Quarter 2014

Southern Nevada Demand for Las Vegas office space stalled in the first quarter of 2014 as the market reported a vacancy rate of 25.8 percent. Despite the slight uptick in office vacancies during the first quarter, they have now reported year-over-year declines for two consecutive quarters. Office inventory increased to 52.8 million during the first… [More...]

Corporate Philanthropy: The Gift that Keeps on Giving

Read Corporate Philanthropy: The Gift that Keeps on Giving Special Report.

When Alexander Graham Bell, the founder of the Bell Telephone Company (now AT&T), embarked on a mission to teach speech and lip-reading to deaf people in the late 1800s, he helped sow the seeds of present day corporate philanthropy. Along with other business leaders of his day, such as J. P. Morgan and Henry Ford,… [More...]

Telecom: Now Calling the Future …

What’s ahead for Telecom in 2012? Lots of exciting new technologies and services, for one thing. And continued diversification, for another. And a still-crummy economy that will hamper a good amount of the growth that should be taking place. Reuters reported in early January that telecom firms around the world are expected to slash spending… [More...]