Legal Opinions 2013

Legal Opinions is an invaluable tool for business professionals and certainly an issue to keep on the shelf for future reference.

Attorneys, like doctors, have highly specialized skills that are in high demand, especially in today’s increasingly legalistic world. The following pages feature a special report that gives the reader the opportunity to receive legal advice at a fraction of the cost (in essence 100 percent off the lawyer’s normal rates). The following pages offer free… [More...]

Chapter 11 for Individuals: Three Key Differences from Business Reorganizations

Chapter 11 is primarily a vehicle for businesses to reorganize, but can also be utilized by individuals.

Chapter 11 is primarily a vehicle for businesses to reorganize, but can also be utilized by individuals (i) who have debts that exceed the limits for “wage earner” repayment plans under Chapter 13; and/or (ii) earn too much to be eligible for a Chapter 7 liquidation. For example, Chapter 13 is only available to debtors… [More...]

Shea & Carlyon’s James Patrick Shea and three Colleagues join Armstrong Teasdale

James Patrick Shea has joined Armstrong Teasdale and three of his colleagues from the Las Vegas boutique commercial insolvency and litigation law firm.

LAS VEGAS - James Patrick Shea, a founding partner of Shea & Carlyon, has joined Armstrong Teasdale along with three of his colleagues from the Las Vegas-based boutique commercial insolvency and litigation law firm. A prominent figure in the national business bankruptcy field, Shea is a partner in Armstrong Teasdale’s Financial and Real Estate Services (FRE) practice… [More...]

Mediation: A Litigation Alternative

Why mediation? Mediation can avoid the delays, high costs, uncertainty, the precedent setting effect and public spectacle of litigation.

“Real peace is not the absence of conflict. Rather it is that state where conflict is managed effectively, efficiently and respectfully.” – Unknown Conflict resolution can be viewed on a continuum, with negotiation on one end, and a decision(s) by a judge(s) on the other. In between lies mediation, which is facilitated negotiation and arbitration.… [More...]

Risk Management: A Necessary Consideration

The Importance of Risk Management in Business

As president and owner of Heuer Insurance Company in Sparks, Larry Heuer is well aware of the catastrophic losses businesses have the potential to experience if they don’t practice appropriate risk management. As an example of sound risk management, however, he chooses to remember a client who suffered a large loss due to a fire… [More...]

The Trend To Greater Patent Portfolio Awareness Hits The Bottom Line

William Zychlewicz

Savvy businesses today, regardless of their size, are learning they can generate significant value by selling or licensing their portfolio of intellectual property assets, most notably patents. In fact, those that recognize the potential of their patent portfolio are reaping large rewards that make an impact on their balance sheet. While in the past, valuations… [More...]

America Invents Act Significantly Changes Patent Law: Understanding the New Law

Excellent Business Idea

Thanks to the recently-passed America Invents Act, Nevada businesses may find it easier to get “patent pending” status for their inventions, but the race against competitors has not yet begun. Perhaps most notably, the Act will transform the U.S. patent system from a “first to invent” to a “first to file” system, the first major… [More...]