Medicaid Expansion Pressures Nevada’s Poor, Doctors, State Budget

Addition of 281,000 to state dole creating long waits for doctor openings Last year, almost 25,000 Nevadans found their health plans canceled, thanks to the so-called Affordable Care Act. The ACA also caused a dramatic increase in the price of individual insurance plans — with Nevada having the largest premium increases in the entire country, according to a national study … [Read more...]

Affordable Care Act, Health Insurance Focus of Dec. 11 Workshop

Cory Frey of Assurance Ltd. to present as part of Henderson Chamber series.

Cory Frey of Assurance Ltd. to present as part of Henderson Chamber series HENDERSON, Nev. – Cory Frey, employee benefits advisor for Assurance Ltd., will present "The ACA is Here (It's Evident in Your Current Renewal) Implement It and Move On!" as part of the Henderson Chamber of Commerce’s Roadmap to Success Series on Thursday, Dec. 11. Taking place from 7:30 to 9:30 … [Read more...]

Hospitals in Nevada: An Industry in Transition

Hospital administrators are working very closely with purchasers of care and insurance carriers, to needs while striving to be competitive with costs.

Some things that don’t change in healthcare: the importance of patient outcome, patient experience, patient compliance and patient ability to pay for services. Other things in healthcare are changing rapidly: bio-engineered medications to treat specific patients, imaging devices take the place of exploratory surgery, the model for healthcare, the way hospitals are reimbursed … [Read more...]

Health Insurance Update: The Real Cost of Healthcare

The healthcare industry has been undergoing a major shift in how insurers pay providers, against that backdrop the state began implementing the ACA mandates

The healthcare industry, over many years, has been undergoing a gradual but major shift in how insurers pay providers. Against that backdrop, the state began implementing the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act’s (ACA) mandates, several of which the federal government has delayed or amended since. The ACA or Obamacare, as it has become known, has caused additional … [Read more...]

Preparing for the Affordable Care Act

In preparing for the Affordable Care Act, businesses should start their compliance efforts by taking the following steps.

No issue in last five years has been as polarizing as health care reform. Baring a repeal of the law, however, ACA will forever change the way Americans obtain health insurance coverage, access health care services and view the health care system. For businesses, understanding and complying with ACA will soon become a reality of everyday life. The many upcoming changes … [Read more...]

The Private Bank by Nevada State Bank Releases Research on How High-Income Households in Nevada are Affected by Changes in Health Care

Rising costs, changing delivery systems and an acute lack of in-state specialists combine to make health care a universal financial, quality-of-life and personal concern in Nevada. The Private Bank by Nevada State Bank released the 11th of its “High Net Worth Report” series, with this month’s analysis focusing on the health care challenges and perspectives of Nevadans with a … [Read more...]

Franchising: A Rapid-Growth Business Model

Despite the inherent and external challenges, franchising can be very rewarding, if done right.

Since 1985, Reno-headquartered franchisor, Port of Subs Inc., has sold licenses to entrepreneurs to independently own and operate its made-fresh-to-order sandwich shops, in accordance with the brand and the parent companies’ wishes. Today, the corporation has 108 franchisees in addition to 35 of its own locations, spread throughout the western U.S., and it continues to expand. … [Read more...]

Nevada Health CO-OP

LAS VEGAS – Nevada Health CO-OP, a Nevada-based nonprofit health insurance alternative created under the Affordable Care Act, announced it will release approved 2014 health insurance plans on its website at the start of open enrollment. Nevada Health CO-OP is positioned to begin selling health insurance plans within the state of Nevada when open enrollment begins on Oct. 1 … [Read more...]

Healthcare Heroes 2013

View the Nevada Healthcare Heroes 2013 honorees and sponsors. Over 160 Healthcare Heroes have been honored and thousands donated to Nevada schools.

The Healthcare Heroes Legacy Now in its eighth year, Healthcare Heroes began with the dual goal of honoring individuals that excel in healthcare and helping fund scholorships for Nevada’s future healthcare educators. After realizing there wasn’t a program in place to honor individuals that have done amazing things to propel healthcare in the Silver State, Healthcare Heroes was … [Read more...]

Nevada Health CO-OP Receives Certification to Sell Insurance in Nevada, Commits to National Accountability Standards for Quality Care

Nevada Health CO-OP announced it has reached several major milestones to provide access to quality health care and affordable insurance plans.

LAS VEGAS – Nevada Health CO-OP, a Nevada-based not-for-profit health insurance alternative created under the Affordable Care Act, announced today the organization has reached several major milestones in its efforts to provide access to quality health care and affordable insurance plans in the Silver State. The Nevada Health CO-OP is now positioned to begin selling health … [Read more...]

Nevada Health CO-OP Announces New CEO

Nevada Health CO-OP, created under the Affordable Care Act, announced the organization has appointed Tom Zumtobel as its new CEO.

LAS VEGAS – Nevada Health CO-OP, a Nevada-based not-for-profit health insurance alternative created under the Affordable Care Act, announced the organization has appointed Tom Zumtobel as its new CEO. With more than 20 years of experience in the medical field, Zumtobel has a comprehensive understanding of the needs of patients and medical professionals. Zumtobel was most … [Read more...]

What is your greatest concern regarding the Affordable Care Act?

Six Nevada decision makers share their greatest concerns regarding the Affordable Care Act.

“My main concern is insurance rates.  The goal of ObamaCare was to get more people covered at affordable costs. However, with mandates, rating changes, etc going into effect next year it does not appear insurance rates will be going down anytime soon – especially for the younger, healthy population who we need in the risk pool!” Melissa Davies, RHU • Benefit Solutions … [Read more...]

Volunteers in Medicine Thanks Wells Fargo Foundation for NeighborhoodLIFT Grant

Nonprofit receives $100,000 grant to provide medical assistance to uninsured patients in Southern Nevada LAS VEGAS – (April 29, 2013) Volunteers in Medicine of Southern Nevada (VMSN), a volunteer-driven nonprofit organization dedicated to providing the uninsured with access to preventative and comprehensive medical care, announced today a $100,000 grant from the Wells Fargo … [Read more...]

Op-ed: 69.3% of Small Businesses in Nevada are Eligible for Health Care Tax Credits

By: U.S. Health and Human Services Region IX Regional Director Herb K. Schultz U.S. Small Business Administration Regional Administrator Elizabeth Echols For years, we had a health insurance market that was broken for small businesses.  Because they had less bargaining power, small businesses paid an average of 18% more for the same health insurance plan offered to the bigger … [Read more...]

CPA Previews Tax Year 2013

Nevada Business Press Releases for March 10th

Las Vegas, NV – (March, 2013) Tax year 2013 is a mixed bag, and taxpayers should approach with caution, according to CPA Chris Wilcox, a partner with Las Vegas-based CPA firm, Johnson Jacobson Wilcox. The increase in the top marginal rate for the wealthiest Americans (for individuals, those with income exceeding $400,000; for married couples filing jointly, those with … [Read more...]

Nevada Executives Speak Out: Power Poll 2013

Nevada Power Poll 2013 - executives are beginning to see a light at the end of the tunnel.

As the Silver State struggles to pull itself out of the worst recession many Nevadans have seen in their lifetime, executives are beginning to see a light at the end of the tunnel. This year marks the eleventh annual Power Poll wherein Nevada Business Magazine asked executives throughout the state to speak up on issues that affect their businesses. This year’s poll illustrates … [Read more...]

Office, Retail Markets Show Signs of Growth in Fourth Quarter

Nevada Business Press Releases for January 21st

Commercial Real Estate Experts Anticipate Slow Growth in 2013 LAS VEGAS (January 21, 2013) – With vacancy decreasing in the office and retail sectors, Colliers International – Las Vegas’ fourth quarterly market report of 2012 points to signs of slow and steady growth in 2013, despite increases in vacancy in the industrial and medical office industries. Compiled by John … [Read more...]

Industry Focus: Healthcare

Industry Focus: Healthcare in Nevada

The healthcare industry continues to experience unprecedented change. With various requirements of the Affordable Healthcare Act coming online, the next few years will be a game-changer for the industry. Recently, executives representing healthcare in Nevada met at the Las Vegas offices of City National Bank to discuss these changes and the future of healthcare in the Silver … [Read more...]

2013 Economic Forecast: Watch for the Wild Card

2013 Economic Forecast: Watch for the Wildcard

As the end of 2012 nears, Nevada’s economy continues its gradual recovery, but the unemployment rate remains in the double digits and job creation is slow. What’s in store for the Silver State’s economy in 2013? Experts weighed in on their predictions for the coming year, which primarily are based on the performance of certain indicators this year. However, they said none of … [Read more...]

Why Vote Against Obama? Eight Compelling Reasons

Lyle Brennan

Barack Obama was elected in 2008 with a message of hope and change. Unfortunately, the change we got was for the worse. There is little hope left that the country can pull itself out of the recession anytime soon, and we’re left hoping that the Middle East won’t erupt into flames that will consume us all. There are hundreds of reasons to vote for a change of administration in … [Read more...]