If you could live in a television show, what show would it be?

Six Nevada executives share what television show they would live in if they could.

“I’d like to live in ‘West Wing’ or ‘House of Cards’, although I may need to rethink the latter because a lot of people die unexpectedly…” Katie Ryan | Director, Communications and Public Policy, Dignity Health-St. Rose Dominican “‘Dr. Who’ – Not because I’m a sci-fi fan, but who wouldn’t want to travel into the future and back into the past, and maybe have some impact along … [Read more...]

What is Your Personal Mission Statement?

Six Nevada executives share their personal mission statement.

“It is my mission in life to create wonderful long lasting personal relationships. To live with integrity, honesty & unconditional love; And to never lose sight of what is important; family.” Kathy O’Grady Watkins | Partner, Sutton Watkins Advertising & Marketing, Inc. “Make someone else’s life better by what you do.” Matthew T. Dushoff, Esq. | Shareholder Kolesar … [Read more...]

What does it mean to be an American?

Six Nevada executives share what it means to be an American.

“This country was built by immigrants and those who gave their lives for the opportunity to live the American Dream. As a Chinese immigrant, U.S. Veteran and entrepreneur, I feel a debt of gratitude to those who paved the way for free enterprise. I’m truly living the American Dream and am proud to be an American.” Sinan “Stanley” Hu | Founder LIUID “Being American means … [Read more...]

What are Some of the Misconceptions that Non-Nevadans Have About People Who Live in Nevada?

Six Nevada executives share the misconceptions non-Nevadans have about living in Nevada.

“That we’re always playing blackjack in our free time. In reality, Nevada is blessed with tremendous outdoor activities, the year-round weather to enjoy them, and plenty of opportunities for cultural learning beyond the casino doors.” Rory T. Kay | Attorney, McDonald Carano Wilson, LLP (Hails from: Lincoln, NE) “It’s not just misconceptions as much as it is people thinking … [Read more...]

How Will Senator Harry Reid’s Retirement Affect Nevada?

Six Nevada executives share how Senator Harry Reid's retirement will affect Nevada.

“The state got a lot of recognition in Washington but what long-term projects did he bring to Nevada while in office? Nevada is better off without him, we can do much better.” Jeffrey Lowden | President, Sky West Real Estate Services “Senator Harry Reid’s retirement will have a profound effect on our state. It will take years to accumulate the power and prestige Senator … [Read more...]

What’s the Good News/Bad News About Living in Nevada?

Six Nevada executives share the good news/bad news about living in Nevada.

“The good news is the positive economic outlook we are experiencing in Northern Nevada. Hotel rooms are booked and new businesses are opening their doors. The bad news is that we need more snow/water!” Tim Holland | Sales Executive, LP Insurance Services, Inc. “Nevada has a rich history of philanthropy. We live in a very generous, supportive community; however, there are far … [Read more...]

How Do You Know You Have the Right Employees?

Six Nevada executives share how they know that they have the right employees.

“When employees live and breathe your core values. When employees put the team, company and customer above themselves, that’s how you know you have the right people.” Kelsey Martin | Director of People and Culture, Bristlecone Holdings “You know you have the right employees when you can see that people are excited about what they do. When people enjoy their work they have … [Read more...]

Are You Optimistic That Our Legislators Will Work Together This Session?

Six Nevada executives share whether or not they are optimistic that our legislators will work together this session.

“I am optimistic they will come together. Once the session commences, the realization usually sets in, that they were elected to do the people’s business and most understand that involves compromise.” Carole Vilardo | President, Nevada Taxpayers Association - “With internal leadership struggles appearing to now be behind us, policymakers can now get down to business and … [Read more...]

What Are Your Hopes for the New Year?

Six Nevada executives share what their hopes are going into the New Year.

“My resolution is to lose the same 5 pounds I resolved to lose last year.” Terry Fator | Headliner, The Mirage - - “My hope is that we can engage philanthropists, individuals and business leaders to join our mission in providing opportunity and choices for our students. Every adult has the power to make a difference in a child’s life.” Sonia J. McTaggart-Anderson | … [Read more...]

What is Nevada’s Greatest Challenge Going Into 2015?

What is Nevada’s Greatest Challenge Going Into 2015?

“Our state’s greatest challenge is moving into yet again another year of not having a plan in place to facilitate the needs of our school district. Our state needs to attract and keep the best educators so that our students can flourish and stay in school creating a strong, smart work force for Nevada.” Michelle Jackson | President, Junior Achievement of Southern … [Read more...]

What are you most thankful for?

Six Nevada executives share what they are most thankful for.

“Opportunity. My life is fortunately filled with constant and diverse opportunities, which appeases my deep curiosity, allows me to curate what’s next, to share my gifts and learn from other’s passions.” Beth Campbell, AIA | Principal and Managing Director, Gensler - “I am most thankful for the three B’s of a happy life: bacon, butter and beer.” Chef Wes Kendrick | … [Read more...]

What would be a person’s first impression of you?

Six Nevada executives share what they believe another person's first impression of them would be.

“A strength of character that shows itself through integrity in action and a genuine commitment to create a positive work environment.” Lynn W. Mitchell, CHA | Chairman of the Board, Nevada Hotel & Lodging Association and Vice President of Operations, Soleil Management - “I think they’d find me understated, but driven, especially when it comes to my family. My … [Read more...]

Is the solution to improving education money or reform?

Is the solution to improving education money or reform?

“Neither…Any organization asking for additional funding should have a PLAN with how they anticipate using the funding to achieve the results they desire.  Then the source of the funding (the electorate or elected official) can make an educated funding decision.  Seems so simple…” Michael D. Bosma | CPA | The Bosma Group “Education is knowledge and knowledge is essential to … [Read more...]

What was your first car?

Six Nevada executives share what they had as their first car.

“My first car was a 1960 Comet Station Wagon. When I was 14 years old, there was a kind elderly lady that lived next door who couldn’t drive anymore. So I mowed her lawn, ran errands, etc. for her. As thanks she gifted me the car and I was one very happy 14-year-old unlicensed driver!” Terry Downey | President and General Manager, Aliante Casino + Hotel + Spa “My first car … [Read more...]

What is your favorite charity?

What is Your Favorite Charity?

“Candlelighters of Southern Nevada is special to me because of the support, education, hope and advocacy they provide families of children with cancer. It’s important for these families to know they are not alone and that someone cares.” Justin Brown | Vice President Regulatory Affairs, Southwest Gas “My most compassionate feelings go out to the single-parent homeless. Our … [Read more...]

What is your favorite local restaurant?

Six Nevada executives share what their favorite local restaurant is.

“L’atelier Joel Robuchon at MGM Grand is always a special experience. I always leave looking forward to the next time I can go! The food and service are the best anywhere, and I was fortunate to meet Chef Robuchon himself the last time I was there.” Dr. Michael S. Levy | Medical Director, Center for Addiction Medicine Las Vegas “I love The Twisted Fork in south Reno. They … [Read more...]

If you could meet any fictional character, who would it be?

Six Nevada executives share what fictional character they would meet if they could.

“Sydney Carton. His last words are a proclamation of hope for the future of mankind. ‘It is a far, far better thing that I do, than I have ever done; it is a far, far better rest that I go to than I have ever known.’” Mitchell D. Forman, D.O. | Dean & Professor, Touro University Nevada - “Buffy Summers because she is strong and resourceful and never gives up no matter … [Read more...]

What is your personal philosophy regarding working with people?

Six Nevada executives share their personal philosophy regarding working with people.

“To always be aware of what people say they want and need. Then work together with integrity and all parties will achieve the desired results.” Jane Anthony | Sales Executive, LP Insurance Services, Inc. - “My philosophy is to have immediate connectivity with your customers. Do anything to help them. Talk a little, listen a lot, then over-deliver on their expectations. … [Read more...]

What is your most prized possession?

Six Nevada executives share what they consider to be their most prized possession.

“My first answer would be my family, but after that I would have to say my bed.  My mattress, sheets and pillows are so wonderful that even when I don’t get my eight hours (due to our hectic schedules) I still feel refreshed.” Stephanie Angold | Founder/Owner, The Find in Reno - “My most prized possession would have to be all my photos from traveling through Italy, South … [Read more...]

What do you enjoy most about being a business owner and/or executive?

Six Nevada executives share what the enjoy the most about being a business owner.

“Each day presents opportunities to serve others and to find new and innovative ways to make my clients’ visions become realities.” Alicia R. Ashcraft | Managing Partner, Ashcraft & Barr | LLP - “The MDL Group supports every owner, executive and employee in giving back to the community. For example, I’m serving as CALV president, which allows me to interact with all … [Read more...]