Nevada Division of Emergency Management: Preparing the Silver State

The mission of the NDEM is to coordinate efforts, protect lives and property, to prevent, respond to, recover from all threats, hazards and emergencies.

The mission of the Nevada Division of Emergency Management (NDEM) is to coordinate efforts, protect lives and property, to prevent, respond to, recover from and mitigate all threats, hazards and emergencies. NDEM is part of the family of divisions belonging to the Department of Public Safety. When a disaster or emergency impacts a city, county… [More...]

A Piece of Nevada’s Pie: The View from Reno’s Mayoral Office

In November of this year, my term will end as Reno Mayor, a role I’ve served in for more than a decade. Naturally, I’ve fielded the “what are you most proud of?” questions a lot lately.

A good friend of mine, former Nevada Governor Mike O’Callaghan, once told me: “Don’t try to get the whole pie. Get a piece of the pie. Maybe later you can get another piece of the pie.” That philosophy — that you’re only as good as the whole — is one that I’ve followed religiously during… [More...]

Court of Appeals: Timely Justice to Nevadans and their Businesses

Adding a Court of Appeals would have minimal fiscal impact on Nevada.

Nevada’s Supreme Court has been overburdened for decades as it struggles to provide the public with speedy access to justice in the face of an ever growing population. The increasing backlog of cases is prolonging justice in Nevada. Currently, 56 percent of all appeals require more than six months to be heard, with 29 percent… [More...]

Transportation at a Crossroads

From the daily commute to a weekend bike ride or road trip, and from the goods trucked to local stores to Nevada’s overall economic vitality, transportation impacts everyone. A look into Nevada’s transportation past and a glimpse at the transportation innovations of the future illustrates how important transportation is. As the fastest growing state for… [More...]

The Medical Marijuana Program in Nevada: An Update on Establishment Applications

On June 12, 2013, Governor Brian Sandoval signed legislation authorizing the sale of medical marijuana in Nevada.

On June 12, 2013, Governor Brian Sandoval signed legislation authorizing the sale of marijuana in Nevada for medicinal purposes. The historic legislation allows cardholders and caregivers to legally purchase marijuana for medicinal use. Using marijuana for medicinal purposes has been legal in Nevada since 2001; however cardholders and caregivers have had to grow their own… [More...]

Nevada Celebrates Her Sesquicentennial: 150 Years of Statehood

The Nevada 150 Commission has planned a series of events, gatherings, exhibits and legacy projects to commemorate Nevada’s Sesquicentennial.

By executive order of Governor Brian Sandoval, the Nevada 150 Commission has planned a series of events, gatherings, exhibits and legacy projects to commemorate Nevada’s Sesquicentennial, a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to showcase the unique contribution of Nevada’s rich culture and history. The yearlong celebration includes official community-based and signature Nevada 150 events, guaranteed to instill pride… [More...]

Fueling Our Future

Regional Transportation Commission of Southern Nevada to support legislation to index the fuel tax to inflation in Clark County for three years.

As Southern Nevada rebounds from the recession, it has become a community that is much more engaged and collaborative with the goal of making the Valley a better and more vibrant metropolis. Businesses, local governments and community organizations work together, now more than ever, to help improve, grow and diversify our economy. This spirit of… [More...]

Can Hollywood be ‘Caged’ in Nevada? Film-tax credit drew big-name supporters, but has shaky track record

The Nevada film-tax credit is essentially a financial bribe from Silver State taxpayers for film producers to shoot movies in Nevada.

He began: “My name is Nicolas Cage, and I am an American filmmaker.” On May 7th of this year, Cage appeared before a legislative committee to ask it to implement a film-tax credit in the State of Nevada. He argued that the lack of these tax credits was the only thing holding back a deluge… [More...]

JAG Program Implemented In Nevada to Address High School Drop-Out Crisis

As Nevada continues to diversify our economy and get our fellow citizens back to work, we believe that the discussion about the outlook of Nevada’s future must begin with the state of our education system. The number of high school drop-outs in our state remains at staggering proportions and the unemployment rate for youth stands… [More...]

The New Business of Medical Marijuana in Nevada

The new medical marijuana industry will present both opportunities and risks for the serious-minded entrepreneur.

Medical Marijuana Establishments Medical Marijuana occupied substantial time and energy during the 77th Legislature in the form of Senate Bill 374. Governor Brian Sandoval signed SB 374 on June 12, 2013, and with the stroke of a pen created the framework for some new and unique business establishments in Nevada. Beginning New Years Day 2014,… [More...]

Opportunity At Work: Nevada’s Department of Employment Training and Rehabilitation Offers Incentives and Assistance to Employers Who Hire People with Disabilities

Frank Woodbeck, Director, Nevada Department of Employment, Training and Rehabilitation.

During these tough economic times, Nevada employers are coming up with inventive ideas to improve their business processes and bottom lines. One of those ways is by taking advantage of federal and state incentives offered when tapping into the talented pool of jobseekers who have disabilities. Nationwide, corporations are realizing the cost savings and other… [More...]

March 2006: Speaking For Nevada

On the occasion of our 20th anniversary issue, we asked former governors of Nevada to answer the following question: “What measure passed by Nevada’s Legislature since 1986 will have the greatest long-term effect on Nevada’s business community?” Legislators Deserve Praise for Restraint Robert List (1979-1983) Recognizing that Nevada has been the fastest-growing state in America… [More...]