Chapter 11 for Individuals: Three Key Differences from Business Reorganizations

Chapter 11 is primarily a vehicle for businesses to reorganize, but can also be utilized by individuals.

Chapter 11 is primarily a vehicle for businesses to reorganize, but can also be utilized by individuals (i) who have debts that exceed the limits for “wage earner” repayment plans under Chapter 13; and/or (ii) earn too much to be eligible for a Chapter 7 liquidation. For example, Chapter 13 is only available to debtors… [More...]

Estate Tax Changes Require Immediate Attention

Few people are aware that as a result of “fiscal cliff” negotiations Congress also enacted permanent changes to the federal estate tax and gift tax laws.

Many people likely recall Congress’ so-called “fiscal cliff” negotiations at the end of 2012, which resulted in a great deal of commotion regarding changes to the income tax. Most of us have encountered these changes to some degree, but fewer people are probably aware that as a result of the “fiscal cliff” negotiations Congress also… [More...]

Campaign Finances — But I want to Give More! The Struggle between the First Amendment and Corruption

The Struggle between the First Amendment and Corruption in Campaign Finances

“I am not a crook.” In the wake of violations in the Watergate Scandal, the Federal Election Commission (FEC) was created in 1974 to oversee and enforce campaign finance regulations and the Federal Election Campaign Act was amended to limit campaign contributions.  Two years after the Watergate scandal, the US Supreme Court in the case… [More...]

Preparing for the Affordable Care Act

In preparing for the Affordable Care Act, businesses should start their compliance efforts by taking the following steps.

No issue in last five years has been as polarizing as health care reform. Baring a repeal of the law, however, ACA will forever change the way Americans obtain health insurance coverage, access health care services and view the health care system. For businesses, understanding and complying with ACA will soon become a reality of… [More...]

Legal Remedies to False On-Line Attacks by Customers or Clients

When unhappy customers post false online attacks, your reputation – and business – can suffer.

Your customers are talking about you – and the whole world is listening: “Total rip-off!” “Terrible customer relations.” “Completely botched it and charged me twice as much as quoted.” When unhappy customers post these types of comments (or worse) about your business on-line, your reputation – and business – can suffer. For most businesses, especially… [More...]

Homeowner’s Bill of Rights

On October 1, 2013, Nevada’s Senate Bill 321, or what is commonly referred to as the Homeowner’s Bill of Rights (HBR), went into effect.

On October 1, 2013, Nevada’s Senate Bill 321, or what is commonly referred to as the Homeowner’s Bill of Rights (HBR), went into effect. The HBR applies only to owner-occupied homes, and adds the following steps to the foreclosure process: No less than 30 days after a homeowner defaults, but at least 30 days before… [More...]

The Trend To Greater Patent Portfolio Awareness Hits The Bottom Line

William Zychlewicz

Savvy businesses today, regardless of their size, are learning they can generate significant value by selling or licensing their portfolio of intellectual property assets, most notably patents. In fact, those that recognize the potential of their patent portfolio are reaping large rewards that make an impact on their balance sheet. While in the past, valuations… [More...]

The Business and Practices of Medicine Post the Affordable Care Act: What Challenges Lie Ahead for Nevada

Patricia Daehnke

By: Patricia Egan Daehnke & Kristin Marker The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (“ACA”), enacted by Congress in 2010, has been the subject of heated political debate since it was passed. Determined to be constitutional in 2012 by the U.S. Supreme Court, states are now faced with the challenge of incorporating the federal health… [More...]

Positive Changes

Left to right: Robert T. Eglet and David T. Wall

Most people rarely, if ever, are forced to deal with life-altering events. As a law firm specializing in personal injury litigation, we deal with tragic life-altering events every day. Every once in a while, however, our law firm is able to not only help our clients make the best out of a life-altering situation, but… [More...]

Pointers on Selecting a Chapter 11 Bankruptcy Counsel

Matthew Zirzow

As a business owner you undoubtedly will be involved in one aspect or another of a Chapter 11 bankruptcy case. Representation by a competent bankruptcy professional is imperative to protecting your interests because the practice is fast-paced and requires intimate knowledge of a specific and complicated federal statutory scheme (the Bankruptcy Code), as well as… [More...]

Question: Who are the good guys in construction defect lawsuits? Answer: Certainly not the lawyers.

R. Scott Rasmussen

In 1996, I came to Las Vegas, fresh out of law school as a new lawyer, trying to find a job and make a name for myself. With two small children, my wife and I saw Las Vegas as a great opportunity to lay down some roots. We saw Nevada as a great place for… [More...]

Preparing to Avoid the Biggest Threat to Your Business: Litigation

Left to right: John Steffen and Telia Williams

As a small business owner, avoiding the crippling dangers of litigation should be at the top of your list of priorities. Lawsuits are not only costly, but they can take you by surprise and take away your focus from one of your business’ most crucial tasks—your bottom line. There are several simple measures that every… [More...]

Will an Umbrella Protect You from a Lightning Strike?

Left to right: Colins Hunsaekaer and Jeffrey Burr

We all have heard the overused phrase that “we live in a litigious society.” For many of us, being a named defendant in a lawsuit can be compared to being stuck in a lightning storm with an umbrella – an unsettling proposition. Even if a person believes that he or she is not at fault… [More...]

Choose Words Carefully: Determining One’s Status in Federal Investigations

Left to Right: Justin Cochran and Craig Denney

Whenever a client has the misfortune of being visited by federal agents or served with a grand jury subpoena, he wants to know the answer to a basic question: What is going to happen to me? Federal grand jury investigations are intimidating, long lasting, and stressful. The grand jury’s primary function is to determine if… [More...]

Pro Bono Attorneys: Changing Lives One at a Time

Barbara Buckley

Mary was excited to be pregnant. She adored her young child and was thrilled at the prospect of having another. One day, she experienced a pain and went to the emergency room. Unfortunately, she miscarried. She then developed sepsis and lost both her arms and legs. Despite this tragic development, she worked on getting her… [More...]

Intent to Use Trademark Applications – Planning for and Preparing Your Intent to Use

Matt Francis

There are two primary types of trademark (and service mark) applications that are filed with the United States Patent and Trademark Office (“PTO”). The first type of application is called an “in use” or “Section 1(a)” application. An “in use” application is filed when an applicant is actually using a trademark in commerce in conjunction… [More...]