Deriving Value from Patents: Legal Challenges and Strategies for Handling Them

Wachssiegel rot Patent

United States patent grants the owner an extraordinary property right. In exchange for the patent’s teaching of how to make and use a patentable invention, the patent grants the patent owner the exclusive right to seek to exclude others from exploiting the invention. Patent owners can use this exclusion right in a variety of ways. In addition to using a patent to exclude others … [Read more...]

What Everyone is Thinking: Where did the good old days go?

In today’s modern business world, the watchword is “efficiency.” Most people, in the interest of squeezing the most hours out of working days, have automated as many customer service transactions as possible. It’s important to constantly evolve technology. It makes jobs easier in some very significant ways. But only one thing really makes or breaks a successful business: … [Read more...]

Affiliated Small Businesses: Tools for Success

For those thinking about opening a small business in this economic climate, it may seem like a daunting road ahead. First, do the homework. It is important to research the product or service provided to the consumer. Small businesses that thrive provide consistency in their product or service, which makes it easier to replicate – why reinvent the wheel when it isn’t … [Read more...]

Cashing in on Nevada’s Green Revolution: Doing Business With Alternative Energy Companies

It seems as though everywhere you turn these days, people are talking about green energy and going green.  Given the alarming figures being cited on an increasingly regular basis regarding the rapid depletion of the world’s identifiable fossil based fuel sources, coupled with mounting evidence that alternative methods of energy generation are indeed better for our global … [Read more...]