Where’s Our Backbone? Speak Up Nevada!

The Las Vegas Metro Chamber of Commerce commissioned the Tax Foundation to prepare a review of Nevada’s tax system and recommend possible improvements.

No one seems to take a stand on political and social issues anymore. They don’t want to make waves or offend anybody. Maybe they’re afraid of being bullied, or in the case of politicians, they’re afraid that speaking out on an issue may alienate some voters. If they do take a stand, as soon as they get any negative feedback, they’re quick to reverse themselves or try to explain … [Read more...]

Death and Taxes: With Some Revision, Sandoval’s Tax Hikes Not Necessary

In this world nothing can be said to be certain, except death and taxes.” — Benjamin Franklin Had Benjamin Franklin been living in 21st century Nevada, his famous quote might have read something like this: In Nevada, nothing seems certain, except death and tax increases. It appears that — regardless of who is elected, which party holds the majority, or how hard those in … [Read more...]

Buying and Selling a Business

A complicated topic with a myriad of details to consider, buying and selling a business will affect nearly all business owners at some point.

A complicated topic with a myriad of details to consider, buying and selling a business will affect nearly all business owners at some point. With so many issues to be aware of, it’s important that executives have the information necessary in order to successfully navigate the process. A panel of experts recently gathered for a breakfast seminar and responded to a host of … [Read more...]

Gaming Trends: Incorporating Cost Effective Changes

Las Vegas is the world’s gaming trendsetter. Renovate, revamp and start again has always been the city’s mantra. Today’s competitive market, however, gives a greater urgency to what’s trending. Today’s competition is fierce and global with numerous experts saying the U.S. gaming market is saturated with little room for growth. While statistics confirm greater competition, … [Read more...]

Around the State: May 2015

LandWell Company Donates 14-acres to Lake Mead Christian Academy The LandWell Company, developer of the 2,200 acre master planned community Cadence, has donated 14-acres of the community to the Lake Mead Christian Academy to accommodate the school’s expansion. The school, which was founded in 1989, begins construction immediately and is expected to open for the 2016 school … [Read more...]

Leticia Murphy: Murphy Counseling and Associates

Meet Leticia Murphy, Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist at Murphy Counseling and Associates

Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist Las Vegas What business advice would you give someone just starting in your industry? Treat your company as a business. You can help others and still get paid. Establish a business budget and a business savings account. What is a little known fact about yourself? At times I can be silly and adventurous. A good example was when my … [Read more...]

Scott Owen: Reno Green Landscaping

Meet Scott Owen, president of Reno Green Landscaping.

President http://www.renogreen.com/ Reno How did you first get into your profession? My brother, Travis Owen, had a degree in horticulture and I was interested in owning a business with a lot of growth potential. We purchased Reno Green Landscaping in 2004. When you were a kid, what did you want to be? When I was a kid, I wanted to be an airline pilot. I received my … [Read more...]

Katie Coombs: Financial Advisor, LLC

Meet Katie Coombs, owner of Financial Advisor, LLC

Owner Carson City How did you first get into your profession? I began working at a credit union in college supporting a financial services representative. I was drawn to the process of helping people with all aspects of their financial picture. If you could be any fictional character, who would you be and why? Rocky Balboa. I would want to inspire people the way he … [Read more...]

Industrial Summary: First Quarter 2015

Southern Nevada The overall vacancy rate for the Las Vegas Valley industrial market in Q1, 2015 was 6.9 percent, a drop of 0.3 points, from 7.2 percent in Q4, 2014. The first quarter’s decline equates to nine straight quarters of declining industrial vacancies. The strong growth in the demand for industrial space, paired with resurgent construction, shows that the Valley’s … [Read more...]

Business Indicators: May 2015

Business Indicators: May 2015

The “third” estimate for fourth quarter 2014 shows U.S. real gross domestic product increasing at an annualized rate of 2.2 percent. Compared to the “second” estimate, personal consumption expenditures increased more, but were offset by smaller changes in private inventories. Nonresidential fixed investment, residential investment, and state and local government spending also … [Read more...]

How Will Senator Harry Reid’s Retirement Affect Nevada?

Six Nevada executives share how Senator Harry Reid's retirement will affect Nevada.

“The state got a lot of recognition in Washington but what long-term projects did he bring to Nevada while in office? Nevada is better off without him, we can do much better.” Jeffrey Lowden | President, Sky West Real Estate Services “Senator Harry Reid’s retirement will have a profound effect on our state. It will take years to accumulate the power and prestige Senator … [Read more...]

The Solution to Education: Do What Works

The Solution to Education: Do What Works

The Nevada State Government needs to stop throwing good money after bad; and, it should begin now. As business people, we have just a few days to affect our Nevada State Legislators and what they do, and do not, vote for. What do you plan to do? Sit back and be complacent and then suffer the consequences, or do you plan to be part of the solution? It seems government is … [Read more...]

Green Schools Not Right for Nevada

As districts begin to build new schools, they should focus on kids, not environmental activists New school buildings are coming to Nevada, and if recent years are any indication, the push to build those schools to “green” standards will be as strong as the push that led lawmakers to authorize 10 additional years of bonding without voter approval to fund the construction of … [Read more...]

Around the State: April 2015

Chase International Installs Tesla Charging Station An independent real estate company, Chase International, has installed a Tesla charging station at the firm’s Zephyr Cove location. The high-power wall connector adds 58 miles of range per hour for the Model S vehicles. Chase is the latest in a growing network of businesses and resorts adding charging stations in anticipation … [Read more...]

Sam Nicholson: Grand Canyon Development Partners

Meet Sam Nicholson, president of Grand Canyon Development Partners.

President http://grandcanyoninc.com/ How did you first get into your profession? I worked as a heavy equipment operator in the summers during high school and college, going into heavy highway construction right out of college, then later into building and construction. What is a little known fact about yourself? I was a commissioned reserve police officer with the … [Read more...]

Lori Brazfield: Nevada System of Higher Education

Meet Lori Brazfield, director of Nevada System of Higher Education

Director http://epscorspo.nevada.edu/ http://system.nevada.edu/Nshe/ How did you first get into your profession? Grant administration is one you fall into. I began writing grants for local non-profits to gain awareness and funding for projects; then one thing led to another and I began managing the projects and my career in higher education overseeing the entire grant … [Read more...]

Andy Chapman: Crystal Bay Visitors Bureau

Meet Andy Chapman, President/CEO of Crystal Bay Visitors Bureau

President/CEO Incline Village http://www.gotahoenorth.com/about-tahoe/business-and-community/incline-village-crystal-bay-visitors-bureau How did you first get into your profession? I have worked in the tourism industry in the Lake Tahoe basin for over 22 years for both public and private entities. What do you want your legacy to be? I am a big fan of Lake Tahoe and I … [Read more...]

Retail Summary: Fourth Quarter 2014

Southern Nevada The overall vacancy rate for the Las Vegas Valley anchored retail market in the fourth quarter of 2014 was 11.4 percent. The vacancy rate increased 0.4 points, from 11 percent in the third quarter. However, vacancies were down 0.3 points, from 11.7 percent compared to the same time in 2013. While the vacancy rate rose, the general trend still shows that the … [Read more...]

Business Indicators: April 2015

Nevada Business Indicators: April 2015. Includes status of U.S. Nevada, Las Vegas, and Reno economies.

The “second” estimate for fourth quarter 2014 shows U.S. real gross domestic product increasing at an annualized rate of 2.2 percent, lower than the 2.6 percent growth first reported. Compared to the “advanced” estimate, changes in private inventories increased less and nonresidential fixed investment increased more. Personal consumption expenditures, residential investment, … [Read more...]

What’s the Good News/Bad News About Living in Nevada?

Six Nevada executives share the good news/bad news about living in Nevada.

“The good news is the positive economic outlook we are experiencing in Northern Nevada. Hotel rooms are booked and new businesses are opening their doors. The bad news is that we need more snow/water!” Tim Holland | Sales Executive, LP Insurance Services, Inc. “Nevada has a rich history of philanthropy. We live in a very generous, supportive community; however, there are far … [Read more...]