3 Tips for Marketing to Millennials: Go Mobile, Be Agile, Think Hostile

Successfully connecting to and engaging with millennials is slowly but surely becoming the holy grail of marketing to most organizations. That’s because ignoring them is no longer something business owners can afford to do. According to the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, this cohort of highly educated 18-34 year olds currently possess $200 billion of direct purchasing power. … [Read more...]

Northern Nevada Used to be a Boomtown – It Can Be Again

Commentary In early June, one of my clients asked me if it were safe to invest in real estate in northern Nevada. My response: Only if you are sure of two things: 1) If the margins tax on the November ballot would be defeated; 2) If northern Nevada would get the Tesla battery gigafactory. Then, on June 9th, the Reno Gazette Journal (RGJ) posted a story entitled David vs. … [Read more...]

Strategy is Not an Option

Many CEOs and business owners view their primary role as the person responsible for overseeing daily operations of the business. Typically, this encompasses everything from production, distribution, sales and marketing to hiring (at least at the senior executive level), finance and planning. However, as any CEO or business owner with even limited experience will say, … [Read more...]

Investing in this Economy

Nevada business owners and executives can feel good they are in a state that is growing again and in an economy that is expanding. As the economy continues to grind its way upward, a potential tailwind for stocks might be a great rotation out of bonds and into equities. The makings of this new trend began in 2013 but not on a grand scale. If corporate earnings can keep up … [Read more...]

Making Telecommuting and Flex Time Work

For many employees, flexible scheduling isn’t just a nice option to have. It’s a must-have, a benefit that can make a job worth taking — and keeping. As a result, more businesses are offering the option, and many are finding that there are advantages in telecommuting. The practice can reduce absenteeism, as bad weather or a mild cold won’t keep an employee from working … [Read more...]

Renewable Energy Delivers Tremendous Benefits to Nevada

The tremendous benefits of clean, low-cost, renewable energy are becoming increasingly apparent throughout the U.S., including in Nevada and Colorado. Solar companies pride themselves on providing clean energy to a variety of customers in these states, including business and homeowners, rural and tribal clients, as well as the non-profit, public, low-income and educational … [Read more...]

Key Leadership Traits for SME Success

Many qualities go into the makeup of effective small and medium enterprise (SME) leadership. Without these qualities, a CEO, business owner or entrepreneur may attain a certain degree of success, but chances are it will be fleeting and will fall far short of what could have been achieved. Truly successful leaders work on continually improving themselves, while focusing on key … [Read more...]

Rulings from the SBA’s Office of Hearings and Appeals Reveal Insight on the Ostensible Subcontractor Rule

Small business prime contractors doing work for the federal government, whether through competitive set-asides or contracts to be awarded through full and open competition, have a number of lines that must be carefully walked. In particular, small business concerns (SBCs) must be wary of the relationships that may give rise to a finding by the Small Business Administration … [Read more...]

What Generation Y Really Wants From Work

It’s worthwhile to take a fresh look at this energetic, interesting and lively generation of workers referred to as Gen Y or Millennials.

As the saying goes, “don’t believe everything you hear.” The case of Gen Y is no exception. A survey commissioned jointly by Robert Half and Yahoo! HotJobs reveals a very different picture of this group of young workers – one that emphatically contradicts many of the stereotypes circulating. As an employer or manager, it’s worthwhile to take a fresh look at this energetic, … [Read more...]

New Law – New Strategies: Five Things You Need to Know About the New Patent Laws that Affect Your Business

Smart businesses know that intellectual property (IP) laws not only allow them to protect their ideas, but also allow them to extract value from these ideas to generate revenue. They understand that a successful IP strategy is not just about protecting their ideas, but is about creating leverage in the business model. Companies use these IP laws to protect and leverage … [Read more...]

Managed Service Providers: Staying Current with Changing Technologies

Information technology (IT) has changed dramatically over the years. Twenty-five years ago, main-frame systems in offices were the main stay. Twenty years ago, PC networks became prevalent in business. Fifteen years ago, the Internet began revolutionizing the way we do business. In the last 10 years, people started carrying around multiple devices, including smart phones and … [Read more...]

Commentary: Want America’s best teachers?

Pay the exceptionally effective exceptionally well. Academic achievement, secondary school graduation and college entrance rates are alarmingly low in Nevada. And required remediation, for those few who do go to college, is dismayingly high. These conditions place Nevada at the bottom of national and international education measures. While pockets of promise exist among … [Read more...]

Federal Courts Deal Gamblers Two Good Hands: Foreign Gamblers Win Big

After a night of gambling, it's no fun to walk out of the casino a loser. It's even worse when the IRS tries to tax each individual bet that was won over the course of a losing night. Enter Sang Park, a South Korean businessman who enjoyed gambling during his trips to the United States — only to then have the IRS seek more in taxes. Until just recently, the IRS taxed … [Read more...]