What to Expect from Carson City in 2015:Republican Sweep Creates New Opportunities for Policy Reforms

The November wave that swept Republicans to victory not only solidified their control of the governor’s mansion but also saw them capture both chambers of the Nevada Legislature for the first time in 85 years. So now what? In the lifetime since Republicans last controlled the legislative process, liberal policies, decade after decade, have generated… [More…]

Medicaid Expansion Pressures Nevada’s Poor, Doctors, State Budget

Addition of 281,000 to state dole creating long waits for doctor openings Last year, almost 25,000 Nevadans found their health plans canceled, thanks to the so-called Affordable Care Act. The ACA also caused a dramatic increase in the price of individual insurance plans — with Nevada having the largest premium increases in the entire country,… [More…]

Why Teachers are Leaving the Teachers Union

It’s easy to lump individuals together in a group based on one specific characteristic. How many people have been cut off in traffic by someone with a California license plate, and then blasted those “California drivers”? Generalizations are especially prevalent in politics. Who’s heard that rural Nevada is conservative, but Las Vegas is liberal? Or… [More…]

Celebrating the Constitution: The Long-Term Benefits of its Short-Term Inefficiencies

In all of life, actions have both short-term and long-term consequences — and often those outcomes stand in stark contrast to each other. If your three-year-old child is screaming for you to buy him a toy at the store, the quickest way to quiet him is to get the toy. But your actions will have… [More…]

Odds for success of PERS plan – Roughly 1 in 12 Quintillion: Nevada Retirees Risk Seeing Their Benefits Reduced as Money Runs Short

Aside from death and taxes, there are no sure things in life. Everything we do involves an element of risk. The question then becomes: How much risk is reasonable, given the stakes? In the private sector, most entrepreneurs have risked tens of thousands of dollars — or sometimes even tens of millions of dollars —… [More…]

Taxpayers Lose Big: Lawmakers Impose New Burdens

Nevada Gov. Sandoval and legislators passed numerous tax increases while pretending that they didn’t raise taxes.

Three years ago, both Brian Sandoval and Rory Reid ran for governor on a “no new taxes” platform. Last year, voters in five Nevada counties rejected six efforts to raise taxes — even though Barack Obama was at the top of the ticket, driving liberal voter turnout. Given the clear will of the voters throughout… [More…]

31 Percent of Nevada Workers Want to Leave Their Unions

Union Restrictions Make it Difficult for Members to Opt Out Have you ever been trapped? Maybe you were stuck in traffic without A/C on a blistering summer day. Maybe an elevator door took three beats too long to open. Maybe you squeezed into clothes that were just a bit too tight and constricted your movements. Being… [More…]

Transparent Nevada: Nevada’s Collective Bargaining Laws Enable Government Employees to Live High at Taxpayers’ Expense

Last year, Governor Brian Sandoval made $181,586.49 in total compensation. How many government employees in Nevada made more than the governor? One hundred, five hundred … maybe a thousand? No, nope and not even close. Over 2,000 government employees in Nevada made more in total compensation than the governor in 2012. Those employees include, a… [More…]

Following Florida: Why School Choice Should Top Lawmakers’ Education Agenda

Improving Nevada Education Through School Choice

School choice, not Pre-K, has raised Florida’s test scores In 1998, Florida and Nevada had the exact same score on the National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP) test for fourth grade reading. In 1999, however, Florida Gov. Jeb Bush instituted a series of reforms, including corporate tuition scholarships, vouchers, grading schools from A-F, ending social… [More…]

Why It’s Morally Wrong to Expand Medicaid: Government should protect property, not redistribute it

Why is stealing wrong? Is it wrong because it’s illegal? Or is stealing wrong because individuals have a God-given or natural right to their own property? To some people, that’s like asking, “Which came first: the chicken or the egg?” — in other words, they think the answer is unknowable. But there’s an essential difference… [More…]

Inflated Salaries Revealed: More than 1,000 government employees made over $200,000 in total compensation in 2011

Nevada Free Market Watch

Pop quiz time. Who made more in base pay in 2011: Gov. Brian Sandoval — at $143,426.25 — or the parks director for the City of Reno? Who made more in base pay in 2011: Any of Clark County’s 15 top-paid senior attorneys or Attorney General Catherine Cortez Masto, who earned $140,389.37? Finally, who made more… [More…]

Examining the Tax Plans of Top GOP Candidates: Proposals range from gournd-breaking flat taxes to tweaking the status quo

In 2010, Americans spent 6 billion hours, which is approximately 8,800 lifetimes, and $480 billion doing their taxes. This represents a huge deadweight loss — time and money wasted jumping through government-mandated hoops — for individuals and America’s economy. It’s also why, regardless of how much how you think the federal government needs to collect… [More…]

Increasing Student Achievement: Sandoval and Bush Work to Bring Florida-Style Education Reforms to Nevada

It’s easy to be cynical about education and education-reform efforts in Nevada.  For decades, we’ve known that Nevada’s education system needs dramatic improvement. And for decades, unions, led by the Nevada State Education Association, have told Nevadans that spending more money would improve our schools. Thus, spend we have. Over the last 50 years, Nevada… [More…]

Large Tax Increase Traded for Small Reforms: Tax Issues Define Legislative Session

For the first 108 days of the 2011 Nevada Legislative Session, Gov. Brian Sandoval defined the policy debate by being a strong advocate for Nevada’s taxpayers and business owners. On May 26 however, the Nevada Supreme Court correctly ruled that state government couldn’t take $62 million from the Clean Water Coalition and transfer that money… [More…]

Priorities for the 2011 Nevada Legislative Session: Control spending, reform budgeting, transparency and education reform top the list

Every company needs a business plan. Without a clear set of goals, a business won’t know what to aim for or whether it has achieved success. Similarly, Nevada conservatives and libertarians need clear goals heading into the 2011 legislative session. The following should top their list: Control taxes by controlling spending. Worried about what higher… [More…]