‘Reading Rainbow’ Not Just About Books: One-Time Children’s Show Teaches About Free Markets

Ask people in today’s workforce about “Reading Rainbow” and they’re likely to have either been viewers themselves or raised children who reaped its educative benefits. For over a quarter century, the publicly funded television show worked to instill a love of reading within countless children, but in 2009, the show was abruptly canceled by PBS. While big-government … [Read more...]

$1.3 billion for 288 jobs: The failure of government-subsidized renewable energy

Another reason why government shouldn’t pick winners and losers in the economy  In August, U.S. Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid hosted his fifth annual National Clean Energy Summit in Las Vegas. Delivering the keynote address, former president Bill Clinton claimed that if every state had a renewable-energy standard it would “put a lot of people back to work.” Sen. Reid … [Read more...]

A Model of Failure: A New Study Exposes the Law Behind Nevada’s Educational Woes

If you were to build a business enterprise from scratch, you’d likely consider a number of different models — various ways to strike a proper balance between necessarily competing objectives. For example, while you would probably seek to offer competitive salaries or wages to your employees, you would also be mindful of the need to limit your overhead costs. Your goal, … [Read more...]